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  1. hey_moe

    Chip set fan

    Any of you guys ever replace the chip set fan on the Motherboard for a quite one. If so which one did ya buy.
  2. Well I went ahead and brought the paid ver. and no glory. You by any chance got one you might think it will work better. I did on the paid ver. set the quality all the way up but didn't make that much of a difference. Monday or Tuesday if they can't seem to get me on the right track I will be boxing it up...lol. BTW I thinK I got the pooter and TV set up for better viewing of the PB.
  3. Hi Tom, long time no hear...thanks for jumping in here. I have tried iDMSS and also Techpro. Techpro is the one they suggested. Even on my pooter it sucks. That is a PSS program that came on the disk. I don't understand why it looks great on the TV and not on my pooter,Ipad or Iphone. I also noticed this morning on the playback on the TV it isn't that clean. When I had a cheap-o-la system that program for the pooter and Ipad looked great. The only reason I updated this was because I wanted a HDMI port. I feel like I wasted my money.
  4. I have this DVR: http://www.securitycameraking.com/8-channel-ultimate-mini-series-59081-prd1.html Compression: H.262 / Resolution : QCIF / Frame rate 30 / Bit rate VBR / Quality 6 / Bit rate 256. Those are the best settings. I have tried D1 / HD1 /2CIF / I also have tried different FPS and Bit Rate Type. The quality is turned all the way up.
  5. I am about to go nuts here. The picture on the TV/ HDMI is crystal clear. I installed a program for viewing on my Ipad and Iphone and it looks like do do. Any of you guys run into this.
  6. hey_moe

    Hard Drive?

    I just ordered a WD 2TB and hope it does the trick.
  7. hey_moe

    Hard Drive?

    I am getting ready to replace my cheap-o-la DVR with a better one and I was wonder what size hard drive some of you homeowners use. I have a 8 camera system. Also is it better to go to a large HD or a small one ...thanks , Mike
  8. I replaced the upstairs TV and I have been looking at a replacement DVR that has a HDMI outlet and higher virwing set up. I have been looking at this DVR >>> http://www.securitycameraking.com/8-channel-ultimate-mini-series-59081-prd1.html
  9. hey_moe


    I want to install one wireless camera to watch 3 AC units and one generator. Can someone suggest a good wireless night time camera
  10. I have had nuthin but a total nightmare when buying a camera from Echet. If you have problems with the camera, that is where the fun starts. All the red tape you have to go through is just not worth it to me.
  11. hey_moe

    Post your camera pictures here

    Nice shot on yard 2,
  12. hey_moe

    My nightmare has finally come to a end

    I don't agree with what you said what so ever. At the site I brought this POS from everything was posted at the site in black and white so there wasn't any questions. But he sure as chet didn't honor one thing he posted. I don't have to worry about that happening again because I have no intention on purchasing anything there again. Most of the stuff I have noticed on Ebay lately is low grade crap or second return left overs. And yes they do have tech support but that too was nothing more than low grade support. As far as customer support... I don't speak BS.
  13. hey_moe

    My nightmare has finally come to a end

    All I can say is I learned my lesson. After going through all this BS, I would have been better off just to spend more money than to put up with all the stress and Chet. Just the run around I went through the money I spent wasn't worth it.
  14. Finally after 3 months of emailing, ( 37 emails total )being lied to and wrong info given to me I have finally got a refund and camera replaced. Had to contact Ebay three different times to correct this. Here is one of the examples I have been dealing with. After they instructed me where to ship the camera back to in China I got this email from them a week later >>> That should be a problem if you sent the camera to China, 99% either the parcel will be lost or hold at custom for ever. good luck On top of that crap, I also found out they have a USA address that could have stopped all the BS and been a lot cheaper in shipping. I have not replied to anything in here because I didn't want them by chance to see how I felt about the BS and how they were handing me. I just wanted to get this over with. I should have listened to what you guys were telling me about buying a camera or DVR from Ebay.