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  1. norcaldad

    Ordered Surveillance System

    Larry, the guy who runs this board is a pinhead. He edited quite a few of my posts that were complimentary of one of his advertisers. I did not intend to come back to or post on this site, but unfortunately, a Google search led me back here so I thought I would add this to my thread. Larry - obviously not an honorable person... just a guy who has a website who will edit your post if it offends him or one of his advertisers or might get in the way of his making a dollar - again, despite the fact that I was complimentary to one of his paying advertisers and I did not violate his TOS... And, he has not edited out every mention of said advertiser. Ridiculous! Feel free to PM me and I will let you know who I ordered from - I have been extremely pleased with their service and products. My happiness with Larry on a scale of one to ten is less than zero... since I gave him the opportunity to man up and let me fix this posts that he f'ed up.
  2. norcaldad

    Ordered Surveillance System

    Larry understands my being pissed off according to his PM - but that is a PM. And I don't want to beat Larry up over this - it's his fucking site - but editing each one of my posts removing both the name of the company and the person I worked with there is BS. Has he done this to everyone else? Does he do this on his whim? Purchasing this system and posting about it takes my time (valuable to me) and is a personal experience and journey. Larry get's to choose who gets to say what - again his site but it is chicken**** to the nth degree. By Larry's rational, he should scrub the site of eBay, Costco etc. Does he do this? I am not offended - just utterly disappointed at Larry's lack of character since all I did was post my personal experience(s). And perhaps my thread angered other advertisers - I can't help that. I was sincere and posted my personal experience - what I thought this site was about. I have run a few websites. Pretty much a PIA and thankless when you have to deal with spammers et al. My last breath on this site - I can only say that when people deal with me, that ever since I started raking leaves, mowing lawns and delivering papers as a kid, that anyone who hired me got the best service and the best work I could provide. NEVER have I dealt with or met anyone who provided me with that level of service back - until I purchased my DVR system. This person whom I appear forbidden to name makes me question how good I really think I am/was. I would like for Larry to allow me to fix what he has broken. But at this point, I feel I have lost my desire to further post about my experiences and changes I have made and my most recent order. Seems rather pointless.
  3. norcaldad

    Ordered Surveillance System

    I just re-read my posts and they were edited at some point. The missing info. is from where I purchased my stuff and the person there that I think is both knowledgeable and a great business person. At this point, after contacting the site owner, I may be banned, and perhaps this tread disappears. But there will be no more updates by me until this issue is resolved. Thanks to everyone who has participated on this thread and others in case I am not allowed or don't come back.
  4. norcaldad

    CCTV & Networking Web Based Course

    annoying website.
  5. norcaldad

    Ordered Surveillance System

    I am going to have to install a dome camera under the eave on one side or the other of the garage door. Mostly so it will be seen - it is my belief that people are less likely to approach the home if they think they are being recorded. Someone tried to remove my brass address plate between the garage and the gate to the courtyard a few weeks ago. They were gardeners hired by the neighbor to the west of me and earlier this week, we had a guy walk along the courtyard fence line to the above referenced neighbors gate to the back yard so this is clearly a blind spot that I had not anticipated. They guy I caught in my neighbors backyard told me he did not see the two cameras installed above the garage in the gable. So a dome camera sitting right out there might be a good deterrent. The motion detect feature that emails photo captures to your email address is a really cool feature of my DVR. I started out with the recommended setting of 4 - bad idea. Received thousands of emails in the first day (6 cameras). I have 5 of the cameras set to the lowest setting of 1 and one camera is set to 2 where is is mostly a shaded area. I understand that there is a more effective motion sensing device that I can install and I will defiantly do this as vehicle head lights, shade/light and bugs account for 98% of the emailed images I receive.
  6. norcaldad

    First system

    If you are only slightly interested in the D1, I would go that route. I should have ponied up the extra dough and done so myself. I have the Nexus and can't speak to the iPhone app, but my experience with the app has been great. BTW - I love Costco but I would never consider purchasing one of their current or past systems. An electronics component with a 3 year warranty? I have never seen that without an extended contract.
  7. I spoke to two level 1's on different days recently. I know what you went through - the one guy made me feel like a genius... But I was able to get to level 2 on my second attempt. The guy I spoke with was very helpful and took the time to explain a few things I did not understand. He was glad to help. BTW - they don't call it level 2, they call it Xfinity Signature Support or something similar. I think the key is to ask level 1 questions they don't understand. I started asking about various ports and that got me there. Of course I did not know what I was talking about, but I did not know it at the time and neither did the level 1 tech...
  8. norcaldad

    CCTV Camera Widget?

    intended "restore down" - typed minimize...
  9. norcaldad

    CCTV Camera Widget?

    Why can't you log into your LAN and open it in a separate browser and minimize the window?
  10. norcaldad

    Help with basic home system

    I am a newb and am replying so that others more experienced might see your post. But am going to shoot a guess. Your DVR does not support plugging in a camera? If I have the correct manual - link attached, that feature "may" be supported on the 520H? Let us know what you find out. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_11221/109033015OPERATING%20INSTRUCTIONS%20DVR-520H.pdf
  11. I recently set up my blocks and for my purposes, I deselected the outside blocks. Not enough information in those images when they are triggered.
  12. norcaldad

    Should I upgrade?

    Since no reply from others with more experience. Since your DVR's are close to 10 years old, my thinking is that you should sell the units you have and let Sean know what your needs are and purchase new. I am pretty certain a decision to purchase new will save you money and frustration.
  13. norcaldad


    I had that happen to me. After checking that all of the data was correct. I reset the phone. Then it worked. Also, from time to time, my phone gets the server fail and I have to close the program and try again. I am "guessing" that it is a connectivity issue when I have that problem and not the app. Pretty cool when you get it up and running. I never read the documentation, but double tap on the image and it will make that image larger. Double tap again, and it goes back to previous screen - it took me a week to come to know that...
  14. norcaldad

    welder's glass

    Not sure what you have in your area, but you might be able to pick them up at an "ag supply store," Tractor Supply, Sears, Orchard Supply and perhaps Harbor Freight. As a welder in a former life, I have glass in my helmet; flip front lens, but all I see anyone using now are the auto-darkening helmets. Perhaps glass will be a thing of the past.
  15. norcaldad

    Legal Issues? Recording neighbor's activity

    That is an interesting comment. I have never known a cop that did not like having a report of a suspicious vehicle with a license plate # and a good description. They may not get to it, but if they do, your call makes things easier for them. If there is criminal activity going on, many of these characters most likely have warrants, are in possession of paraphernalia or guns and are on searchable probation, etc. I can't imagine letting a nuisance develop where I live or work. I would work with my neighbors and the landlord of the supermarket to move the criminal activity elsewhere. In most places, there are laws on the books that allow persons or in our case, an entire neighborhood to sue for nuisances. In our state, small claims court, I think $10,000 each and we are fortunate enough to have LE helping the process along. To do so, one needs to document the issue by generating calls for service. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Good luck!