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  1. Thanks.. I don't care whether people see where the camera is pointed.. I'll specify clear for my next camera purchase then.. Thx!
  2. some of these cams come with the option of smoked vs clear dome.. when used outside what are the pros/cons of each if any.. In my case they'd be outside (IP66 rated) and would need to handle low-light well.. I've currently got two existing analog cameras (CNB's) that have smoked domes and appear to work OK (not great at night mind you without serious IR help) but wondering if clear dome's would cause the picture to be more washed out during bright lighting situations.. comments?
  3. Sounds like something got messed up -- could be a hardware issue I suppose.. I would try the factory reset and if that doesn't work check to see that you're running the latest firmware...
  4. camera-newbie

    video wall

    Too bad I don't have any cameras at work -- we've got a HUGE video wall with something like 30 monitors on it.. Super slick but I can't take it home!!!
  5. Thanks for the info -- I think I've decided to go with Hikvision cameras and ditch the entire audio part..
  6. Thanks all!! Sounds like something to get.. If I get this for my mom's narrow front porch what lens works for a 20' long 6' wide tunnel as seen in the photo in this thread : viewtopic.php?f=19&t=39152 I'm thinking the super wide is probably not a good match.. ideas?
  7. Thanks for that description -- I gather the turret in question does not do audio tho.. I don't see any that do.. I might have to see if I REALLY need audio or not.. It would REALLY simplify things if I don't..
  8. Oh.. I guess I didn't know the difference -- how is this better than what a common dome camera provides in terms of adjustability for pointing the field of view where you want? Is it better or about the same.. I guess I like the typical domes if there's no big advantage.. Are these turret cams better than the regular Hikvision domes (e.g. not the minidome) or is it just the same cam in a different package?
  9. Is the camera you guys are referring to the Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I (page for it http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_show.asp?id=7872)... ?? If something like that was hooked up to an Avigilon system running ACC, would it be able to control the turret on this camera or ??
  10. So.. I've got an Avigilon setup and wondering if I were to buy a few Hikvision cameras that are ONVIF compliant, is it possible that they might work with the Avigilon software so I don't have to use different software for them? Just curious.. I don't see the HIKVision cameras listed on their avigilon website as being compatible.. Is ONVIF one of those standards with fairly loose settings such that it's possible they might not work..??
  11. Thanks.. One question tho.. If you've got one of these does it in fact have a standard ethernet port on it for a wired connection instead of WIFI.. The manual seems to indicate you need to use WIFI but I'd hope that's not the case.. Also, can this be surface mounted on a wall without too much trouble? If so, do the cables run thru a hole in the backing plate or out the side like some domes do..? You are correct that under that roof there's no chance for the camera to get wet -- just cold and humid Also, how flexible is the mount for aiming the camera to where it needs to be positioned?
  12. Thanks.. That was a really useful review!! I guess the only thing I'd need is the speaker/mic in an outdoor enclosure -- i did a little poking around and I think something like this might work as it's just a set of 4-wires to connect the mic & speaker to the camera : http://www.louroe.com/products.php?id=90 I think surface mount is the preferred mount for this installation so I don't have to cut a huge hole in the siding of the house.. I could get one with a call-button but I believe that's just adding too much complexity to the equation as they could instead just use the existing doorbell and my mother could fire up an iPad app and talk to the person outside.. Does that seem like a reasonable conops??
  13. ok.. I double-checked the hikvision cameras and at least one of their cameras satisfies my needs I think -- the DS-2CD2732F-I(S) which has the 1 channel audio and io ports.. Is 1 channel good enough for 2-way audio? So, has anyone used 2-way audio with any Hikvision cameras? The manual implies there's a microphone but I don't think there is.. correct? Just want to be sure..
  14. Thanks all.. I love the enclosures -- too bad the Axis cameras don't have built-in IR.. I think the model that would be needed would be the Axis M1034-W which has the 2-way audio -- the others do not. However, in reading up more on their built-in intercom feature it doesn't work as I was expecting .. sounds like I'd need to plug it into a more complicated telephone system that what my mother currently owns (regular old phones -- no PBX or similar). If we go with the DS-2CD2432F-I (W) (hikvision) for instance I'm assuming that is not outdoor safe -- it's meant for indoor use only. For any of these -- are dome or bullets my prime goal I guess?? As for resolution, is 1mp good enough or should I be looking for 2 or 3MP cameras or maybe 1MP is good enough? in poking around on the Hikvision site it does not appear that any outdoor cameras support two-way audio -- only select indoor cameras (box + domes).. In looking at the Axis cameras it appears there are only two models that support the following features I'm looking for: two-way audio outdoor ready PoE Day Night Built-in IR Specifically the only matches are the : Q1765-LE and P3364-LVE.. The Q1765-LE has the corridor feature .. I guess I'd still need to figure out the rest of the system to make it work with an iPad and the doorbell system to notify -- possibly.. I think it's probably OK conops that if the doorbell rings she can get the iPad out and fire up the video app to chat with whomever is out there.. I don't think it would be an issue to not have the doorbell tied to some sort of notification logic.. Then the only thing left to find is a combo microphone /speaker and wire it up to the cameras wiring..
  15. Cool and thx!! Can I get the info for the company in so-cal? I guess a fully turnkey system for this is a pipe dream and experimenting is key..