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  1. Guys, I think AXIS is a bit out of my price range...the 225FD is $1500 over here!!! I don't need something that good Just maybe $400 on the camera, $200 on simple software to record straight to a PC hard drive. I hear panasonic cameras are quite good...
  2. I'm not quite sure the benefits of PTZ over other types guys.... However i've decided that POE probably wont be that good, i've just found out you need a special type of hub which I don't have. So normal power will have to do!
  3. Hi all, I considered CCTV a few years back but put the project on hold due to some issues. Anyway, project is back on! I'm looking into IP CCTV cameras. I like the idea of being able to hook up the camera to my router and stream the video to my PC (which is always on). I'm looking for a camera to cover my driveway, preferably a dome camera. Questions! Am I right in thinking that I wont need to power the camera? It will draw power from the ethernet or does this depend on the model? Below is a picture of the driveway. What mm camera would you recommend? As you might be able to tell the driveway is very short - only 15-18 feet! Where would be a good location for the camera? I was thinking below this middle window or maybe even in the top right of the picture. The PC is located in the room of the middle window. Perhaps an option is top left on the black beam...however my concern with the camera being so high is that is wont capture faces. Care to recommend a camera? I hear the Sony IP ones are good and I guess i'd spend up to £200 ($400). Also, can you list the different software choices? Any advice appreciated
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  6. Thanks for the input With regards to interference the camera will be situated around 10 feet from the receiver if I do go wireless. Pretty much on the other side of the wall. What is a good camera if I go wired. You see so much crap on ebay i'd like to be sure I get something you peeps with more experience consider to be a good prodcut
  7. I guess I can go wired. Wireless would have been for the ease of use. There is a light sensor near the car, so any movement would trigger the light. Would this mean I should avoid IR? £150 was my total budget. Apologies if this is stupidly low, i'm don't yet have a feel for the cost of quality goods with regards to CCTV! Am I right in what i said above, CCTV would go to receiver, then to a DVR card....or can the camera go straight to a DVR card? Thanks for the reply
  8. I posted this in a different forum but after some reading I think this is the forum head it should be in!! Great forum here, i've been lurking and reading for a few hours now but i'm still none the wiser. I'm learning slowly but I thought i'd ask for advice. I'm not sure exactly the equipment I require. My car keeps getting broken into. I thought i'd get a camera to watch the driveway. I would be prepared to spend around £100-£150 but if something is really good I can be tempted to spend more. I'd like it to be a Wireless CCTV camera, outdoors, both colour and night vision (IR). High Quality. I'd like it to connect to my PC so I can save the Video / Stills to my disk drives (got about 500GB I can dedicate!) and monitor from the PC. As far as I know I need: A Wireless CCTV Camera An Antenna (2.4Ghz) RCA cable A DVR card to take the feed from the antenna to my PC Software for the camera for monitoring and recording. Is this right? I'm open to your advice and experiences. I'm still learning! I just don't understand what I need! If anyone has any advice as to which would be the best equipment for my needs it would be much appreciated! I'm looking at a lot of websites and a lot of ebay auctions (which all seem shady) - all are very different! I'm looking at using a single PC for this - the same PC I use for work, internet, gaming etc. It's a top PC (know more about PC's than I do CCTV!) and seeing as I only intend on having one camera I'm hoping it will be ok as a shared resource. If push comes to shove I can build a second machine, got an AMD XP 2800 system that's missing a few pieces but can be built easily. Many Thanks Tony