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  1. I have a retail store, that for the most part, doesn't have any problems with employees in the till, etc., but we do have an occasional problem with a customer who claims "we didn't do this or that". I have an 8 ch. DVR and four 1/3" 700TVL (or so they claim) cams at various locations which seem to suffice for the usual day to day. We just had a recent incident claiming one of our employees did not include an item on the shipment. Our other cams showed enough video to verify this was not the case, but they were not as clear as one that would shoot directly down on the counter. So it looks like it's time for a "casino-type" dome cam. I don't need handwriting recognition level resolution. Just a clearer shot of what the clerk does, or does not do with the packaging. Ceiling height is about 6' above the counters. We have two counters for a total width of about 12', and of course I'd like one in the center, but that may be asking too much. Any ideas on the specs. for such a cam would be appreciated.
  2. I have exhausted all my local expertise as well as my own experimenting with this problem, so I'm at the proverbial dead end. I have two DVR's for surveillance, and old Lorex and a brand new Zmodo 8 channel. Everything was working just fine on regular DSL service, remote viewing, login, etc. Only one DVR is on the network at a time. Actually, I thought the NIC card went bad in the Lorex, so I got a new Zmodo as a replacement. As soon as we added 30 meg VDSL, it was discovered that the 30 meg pipe dropped to less than 2 meg. Pull the DVR off of the network, and all is well again. I've tried home runs from the DVR straight to the modem (to eliminate the possibility of switch/router problems), but this gremlin continues to haunt me. At least the old Lorex would be highly intermittent about it, but the new Zmodo takes it down instantly and stays there. One would think a NIC on a network device is a NIC.....no difference, but on a VDSL line, that apparently is not true. Any help would be deeply appreciated.