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  1. Hello, I have a Hikvision IP camera with a solid state relay output. This allows small amounts of voltage to pass though the open contact which is ruining a planned integration to an electric strike. It is enough voltage to hold a relay coil once it has been opened. I have tried resistors or diodes, but then the voltage drops too much to trigger the coil. I have made this work with various access control panels with a dry contact input. For some reason these systems are not as sensitive to small amounts of bleed. Does anyone know of a dry contact triggered relay? Currently I have this set up with an Altronix ACM4, but that is too big and total overkill for such a simple thing. Any help or comment appreciated. Thanks, Seth
  2. sethlocks

    HD-SDI Encoder

    AK is correct. I just dislike most DVR software interfaces. I would love to encode the signal for use, but it seems impossible right now. Thanks, Seth
  3. Hello. Have any of you had any experience with a good quality HD-SDI encoder compatible with Milestone? I have a project with 32 analog cameras and it seems like a perfect fit to upgrade to HD-SDI. I just hate embedded DVRs and want to use Milestone as the software solution. Thanks for any input, Seth
  4. Hello, I am researching two options for a live stream. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? This is just a live "animal cam" for about 50-60 unique visitors each day. Option 1 - Embed MJPEG Video at D1 from my Hikvision DS-2cd2012 into a web page. Option 2 - Use a hosted service such as YouTube Live or UStream. Before I go down the research hole, I would love any pointers anyone has. Thanks, Seth
  5. Thank you all for the responses. I agree that the software wont know it is running in a virtual box. I am going to have to meet with the client regarding the VHD and network issues brought up. Thank you for that. I can set up my own small networks, but I like to leave the advanced networking to the professionals.
  6. Has anyone ever done this? I have a client who has 3 PTZ cameras which just swing from side to side in the parking lot. There is no operator for the live view. In theory, couldn't a fisheye lens outdoor camera do this same function without motoring back and forth? I know that the camera would only be for a general overview, but that is what they are getting with the scanning PTZ.
  7. I have set up integration demos on virtual machines for many of my access control customers, so the install will be pretty straightforward. Client will have a couple VMs on physical machine, but has promised to allocate adequate resources. Customers IT department is windows certified, and proud of it. I don't even want to rock that boat by trying to convince them on Linux. Main issue is the client reads the specs for the proposed server and says, "I have all of that available, can we just install software?" Exacq kinda supports virtualization, but not this configuration. I will have to ensure a nightly data dump for backup, but I cannot think of any major downsides which canot be quickly addressed.
  8. Hello, I have a client who would like to run an exacq start system with 15 cameras on a virtual machine. Customer's IT department is on board, and they will provide virtual machine and have ample resources. They want to virtualize Exacq Start, not run Exacq virtual, as the IT department does not want any Linux systems to manage. Have any of you done this for a medium sized business? Any headaches you have experienced that you would like to share?
  9. II purchased a FD8135H to use as an edge recording device in an Exacq system. Documentation here: https://exacq.com/auto/specsheet/uploads/exacqVision%20Edge-Vivotek%20QSG.pdf The problem I have is that firmware version 0202c does not have the VDAP application available in the applications menu. Exacq Edge was tested on this camera with Edge firmware 0201a1. Is it possible to get a copy of this firmware? I have contacted Vivotek, but I was hoping to work on this over the weekend. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Seth
  10. I agree with buellwinkle on the Acti cameras. Great cameras at a good price. If audio came back up as a requirement, I would look at this Speco model: http://www.specotech.com/product/764/VIP2D2.html Two way audio for communication from web or smartphone app. Output could be triggered to unlock a door, with some creative relay wiring.
  11. sethlocks

    ACTi ENR-1000 + KCM7911

    The new ACTi nvrs do not support their mobile apps yet, I was told by tech support. They said that the next firmware update will fix this. I hope so.
  12. That is so simple, I feel stupid. Thanks.
  13. I have a 2 MP Speco O2D3 outdoor dome camera which has bands of light from outside lights ruining the image. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Any help greatly appreciated. Seth
  14. I have a 2 MP Speco O2D3 outdoor dome camera which has bands of light from outside lights ruining the image. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Any help greatly appreciated. Seth
  15. For a standard USA rectangle box there is this option. http://cnbusa.com/en/html/product/product.php?inc=dra&seqx_prod=1267#p_v1