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    Hi All, Please can anyone confirm if the Geovision GV-800B 4 channel DVR Capture Card is able to record and display 25 FPS on all 4 channels at D1 PAL quality (so 100 FPS D1 PAL in total). The reason for asking is because on the Geovision website it says the card is cable of doing this, but in the geovision DVR 8.5 user guide it says the card can only capture at 12.5 FPS on all 4 channels at D1 PAL quality (so only 50 FPS D1 PAL in total). Please can anyone advise of the correct specifications of the card? Also does anyone know if there is any difference between the PCI-express version and the PCI version in terms of recording quality and FPS etc.? Many thanks SteveP