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  1. try it... It's not like it's any work to change a setting.
  2. You should be able to do one normally open and one normally closed - get the door contacts that have both sets of screws. Check to make sure your system has both options.
  3. RandyParlee

    Need Help - New Camera System!

    Sure as long as you're planning to install the DVR onsite and not pump all of the video over the internet. Pretty much any modern system can do it.
  4. We've done a few installs with it and it works well. Axis is pretty specific about using Sandisk Class 10 cards only and they require one of 3 specific brands of NAS. One customer is using it on 2 sites and he likes it a lot better than his old analog system. Axis also has its new line of cheaper dome cameras so it's getting much more affordable to buy their gear. The new cameras are ok but when you're used to playing with the 3364s it's a noticeable step back. I'm currently testing a 1344 writing a motion stream at full res @ 30 fps and a secondary continuous stream at low res @ 1fps on the same card. They don't recommend doing that but I was told it can be done so I want to see for myself. One thing I'll warn you about is that you should not log into the camera with your browser after you install it - do everything from the ACC interface.
  5. RandyParlee

    Video dispatch

    Why don't you just set up motion alerts on the NVRs?
  6. RandyParlee

    Help with box cameras for industrial monitoring

    If dirt's a problem you should use enclosures for your box cameras. That way you can clean them without scratching your lens. It should also make it easier to just use a hose to blast them from the ground. Most enclosures also have a fan for cooling.
  7. RandyParlee

    CCTV on PC / Server

    We've got Aimetis running on several virtual servers and it's stable. The basic lics are $99/cam. Download a trial to get a taste. Heck, try out several VMS' to see what you like.
  8. Hi all, I've got a wireless IP camera in the back of huge grocery store but the customer wants to watch from the office in the opposite corner of the building. The distance is over 500' so we'd need fiber or repeaters if we wanted to cable it. The cost for cabling is too high for one camera. What am I looking at if I wanted to do power-line networking? Is there going to be issues if it's not on the same circuit? Product recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Wasn't there a little block with screw downs in the parts bag that came with it? I've got some here that look like they'd fit but I don't know which camera they came out of.
  10. I'm pretty sure Aimetis does it. Call them to confirm or download a trial.
  11. What's the camera? It should have screw down terminals on a block in the box that just clicks in there.
  12. Are you able to read all of the plates? If not, what do you figure your success rate is?
  13. RandyParlee

    Surveillance system at neighborhood entrance

    Talk to a smaller ISP in the area and see what they can do for you. They can be pretty clever.
  14. This is just one of those weird things... I've got an Axis 1114 that came back from a customer and when I tested it on the switch (cisco) it worked great but when I put it on an Axis 30W PoE injector it not only didn't work but the injector started quietly beeping - the crazy thing is the injector has no sound making technology. I took it to Axis and the returns tech (in Toronto) had never seen anything like it.
  15. RandyParlee

    Firts time buyer

    You don't need Internet access. The wireless kits (camera with NVR/DVR) will (should) communicate out of the box but you still need to power the camera so you'll need some sort of wiring. Some cameras are 802.11 wireless and they go through a wireless router or access point.