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  1. Hi, We have a Hikvision DVR for out home CCTV system. The DVR is connected to the internet for remote viewing, We already have a VM router with the Router Firewall set to maximum and access control setup so that only approved devices can connect or pass data through the router. Is there anything else that I can do to make the setup even more secure? I've read about Hardware FIrewalls and how they are used with CCTV systems commercially, has anyone used these? Thanks Marcus
  2. Hi,I have the Hikvision DB-120A-IW 1080p doorbell camera setup correctly to my Hikvision DVR and the Hikvision Hik-Connect App on my iphone.For a long time everything worked fine, including the motion detection and getting a screenshot notification on the app every time somebody came to the front door.But all of a sudden, the notifications have stopped working. Although everything else still seemed fine, such as getting a 24/7 live connection to my DVR and being able to get a live feed using the app.I reset and reinstalled the doorbell and the notifications worked again for a couple of days and then stopped working again.Why is this happening?The doorbell has a good strong wifi signal as it's only 2-3 metres away from my wifi router.Cheers
  3. Further to my Review above. I would like to make a few more positive comments. I have updated the Firmware to the very latest version and it has made a big difference to the quality of the live feed and recording. There is now a lot less lag and both the live feed and recording now seem to be a few Frames Per Second with 1 second or less of lag. The recording FPS has now been locked though at 12FPS on my DVR. Which is a bit annoying as i'd prefer to only record at 10FPS. I've heard from other people, that the camera previously tried to send the live feed at around 22-25 FPS, but it has now been reduced to 12FPS. So the bandwidth is now less and that's why it's less choppy.
  4. Hi, I have just installed my Hikvision DB-120A-IW 1080p Doorbell Camera. The installation has gone fine and i have wired the doorbell to a Friedland mechanical chime and i have it set it up on my 10 channel Hikvision Turbo DVR to record 24/7 as an IP camera. The GOOD: - It look fairly nice and neat, - Installation wasn't too hard, - It works well with my mechanical chime and connects OK to my DVR, - The lens is very wide angle and I have a good sharp image. - The nightvision is OK (But I have an outdoor front door light and street light). - The doorbell camera works and is visible 24/7 over wifi or 4G as 1 of 9 DVR cameras using the IVMS-4500 app on my iphone. The BAD: - The doorbell is located ONLY 3 metres from my Router and is connect to my 2.4ghz Wifi with a strong 5/5 signal (according to my phone). Yet, the stream from the doorbell has a 2 second lag and so the DVR recording is quite poor and is only at about 1 frame every 2 seconds. Even though it's set to record at 8fps. - The Audio for the doorbell is also very poor and practically unusable as an intercom device as it has a lot of lag and echo and the video never appears when i get a call to my phone. - However, I also have the doorbell setup using the Hikvision-Connect app, but when I try to use the live feed, this app constantly crashes or freezes at 95%. - I find it very annoying that the doorbell is NOT compatible with 5ghz wifi, as i have a dual 2.4ghz/5ghz wifi router and being connected to 5ghz would surely reduce the lag. Does anybody know what fps the camera tries to transmit at? And is this adjustable? Because if this is 30fps (real time), this is not necessary and i would like to reduce it to 10fps in order to reduce the transmission bandwidth if possible. Anyways, there are my comments on this Doorbell. Cheers Marcus
  5. Hi, I have a Hikvision 8 camera system. I had a power cut yesterday for a few mins and when the power came back on the DVR reebooted, but Cam 1 is completely black. It doesn’t even say “no video” and the DVR doesn’t seem to want to recognise that Cam 1 is connected in other settings. However, when I use IVMS on the phone or iPad; I can see Cam 1 connected fine with the live feed. Is there anything I can do apart from a system restore? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have an 8 channel 1080p Hikvision DVR and Cameras. I have two 1080p monitors. One close to the DVR and connected via a short HDMI cable and one in another room that needs to be connected via a long 15 metre cable. The second monitor supports 1080p, but does not have a HDMi port. And i know that running a 15m SVGA cable won't work with 1080p. Would it be possible for me to run buy a splitter and run a 15m 2nd HDMI cable from the HDMI port of the DVR and then just on the other end, convert that to SVGA to connect to the 2nd monitor. I've read though that maybe by DVR won't have the GPU power to push 1080p across any 15m cable, even if it is a good HDMI cable. As my DVR failed to supply a 1080p signal using a 15m SVGA cable, but when i tried the same cable connected to my PC, my PC was able to push a 1080p signal to the same monitor. At the moment, i can get the 2nd monitor to work using a 15m SVGA cable, if i reduce the resolution of display down to 1024 x 1280 for both outputs / monitors. Which is annoying as i prefer the full 1080p. What would be an easy fix would be if i could set a different resolution for each output. So 1080 x 1920 for the HDMI port and first monitor and 1024 x 1280 for my SVGA port and second monitor. Cheers
  7. HI, Initially i set up basic motion detection for my front door camera and Hikvision system, with the standard selection of area and sensitivity settings etc, but i got tonnes of false alarms. Then i tried the VCA settings instead that are supposed to be better. Such as setting a medium size area, setting percentage of area at around 35% setting a dwell time of 1 second and setting sensitivity to very low at 10%. And even then, i got something like 80 x false alarms in one day, but only had 1 visitor to the front door. Has anyone else had these issues? What's causing the false alarms? Cheers
  8. Hi, I have an 8 channel 1080p Hikvision system, that is currently connected to my network and the internet. The DVR has it's own password and the stream is encrypted with an encryption key, so effectively 2 passwords are required to remote view using an App or another computer. My router also has a firewall/password and my computer has a good quality firewall and long password. However, i am still paranoid that other people might be able to remote view my feeds etc. Is there anything else that i can do to make my network / system secure? OR is what i have enough and i'm just being silly? Cheers
  9. Hi, I have a Hikvision Turbo 1080p DVR, which can export the feed via both a HDMI port and a VGA port at 1080p. I have two monitors connected to the DVR, one connected via a short 2m 1080p cable in the same room and one connected via a very long 15m VGA port. When i have the output of the DVR display set to 1080p, it works fine on the short HDMI connected monitor, but does not work on the long VGA connected monitor. But when i switch down the resolution to 1920 xx 1280, it works on both monitors. Hikvision say this is because the Graphics Unit of the DVR is not powerful enough to transmit 1080p over the long 15m cable. Are there any devices that i can buy that will take the 1080p VGA signal and boost it? I have already tried two VGA to RJ45 converter boxes, but this did not work. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a 1080p Hikvisioon DVR, with two video ports, one HDMI and one VGA. I want to connect this DVR to two monitors. One int he same room via a short cable and one in a different room via a long 15m cable. However, the 1080p feed won't work using the 15m VGA cable connected to the 2nd monitor. But the 1st monitor connected via a short HDMI cable is working fine. I have been told this is because the GUI of the DVR is not powerful enough to support 1080p over a 15m cable, but is fine for shorter cables. Should i try swapping and buying a 15m HDMI and a short 2m VGA and see if this works? Or will i just have the same issue? If i lower the output resolution of the DVR to 1020x1200, it works fine for both monitors. But this partly defies the point of having 8 x 1080p cameras!! Are there any other solutions such as signal boosters etc? I have found things like this online, that use RJ45 cables to transport VGA signal over large distances: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60m-VGA-to-RJ45-Signal-Extender-Over-Ethernet-Cable-Transmitter-and-Receiver-UK/311670171984?epid=20011370431&hash=item4890fd6950:g:2BwAAOSwsCFZptDd Cheers
  11. Hi, I currently have an 8 channel Hikvision Turbo DVR (DS-7208HQHI-K1) connected to 8 x 1080p AHD cameras. However, i have noticed that my DVR will also accept 2 x additional channels of IP cameras, so can actually support 10 x cameras total. I am considering buying this for my front door (DB-120A-IW): https://www.hikvision.com/uk/Products/Hiwatch/Doorbell/DB-120A-IW And i just wanted to double check whteher this will work with the IP channels on my DVR? Do i simply connect this wifi device to my Network Router and then to my DVR via an assigned IP? Lastly, once connected to my DVR, would this camera stay turned ON and record 24/7 like a normal camera? Thanks
  12. madmandare

    Hikvision 1080p VGA problem

    Does anyone have any ideas? As i have emailed Hikvision tech support and even they cannot figure out why this is happening. They say the VGA should work fine at 1080p and that my DVR supports 1080p for both the VGA and HDMI port. The VGA cable is 20 metres long, maybe a dodgy VGA cable? or as issue to do with it's length? Thanks
  13. Hi, I have a Hikvision 1080p DVR that I have connected to two monitors. One using the HDMI port and one using the VGA port. When I set the output of the DVR to 1080x1920 pixels, the monitor that is connected via VGA goes blank. But it works ok if I lower the resolution to 1024x1280. However I have read that VGA does support 1080p! And the Hikvision sure mentions 1080p VGA. And both monitors are also 1080p, If the VGA isn’t going to work with 1080p, is it possible to have two seperate output resolutions? 1080p for the HDMI and less for the VGA? Cheers
  14. madmandare

    Hikvision 1080p DVR problems

    Hi, Sorry I don't understand what you mean? My cameras are TVI cameras and the DVR can accept TVI. I can't see any TVI settings in the DVR Thanks Hi. You need to set the camera to the formate you want Set one up next to your dvr and use the control on the BNC cable coming out of the camera. Many thanks, i completely forgot that the cameras have those switches on them!!! I have got it working now at 1080p after adjusting the switch on one camera. Thanks for your help!
  15. madmandare

    Hikvision 1080p DVR problems

    Hi, Sorry I don't understand what you mean? My cameras are TVI cameras and the DVR can accept TVI. I can't see any TVI settings in the DVR Thanks