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  1. Can you post some pictures of the mailbox camera and and link where to purchase ? Thanks
  2. Kingram

    New CCTV System

    When i need a dome i get one without IR's , If I need a IR camera I use a Bullet, here is a good 2MP dome without IR's-http://www.amazon.com/Dahua-Megapixel-Surveillance-Weatherproof-Vandalproof/dp/B00HG10XHQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
  3. Kingram

    Firts time buyer

    Yes you need Internet from a Internet service provider,( In my area I have cox cable and century link) but before you do that you will need to run electricity to your home, hope this helps.
  4. I would also recommend a IP camera system, I just switched from a analog system to the IP and it has a lot better picture quality.
  5. Kingram

    New CCTV System

    IR Reflection .
  6. Do you even have a dog, maybe your dog is barking all day while you are at work and he thinks you need to feed it more so he is giving you a hint.
  7. Kingram

    HD capacity calculation

    I have a 5 camera analog system with a 2TB HD recording 24/7 and it will record for 60 days , I also just got a 4 camera IP setup and I was told a 2TB drive would last 2weeks so I went with a 3TB HD hoping to get 21 days or more of recording. Most people don't go on vacation for more than two weeks at a time but it's nice to have a few more days of cushion, Hope this helps.
  8. Kingram

    New CCTV System

    It is the IR reflecting off your home back into lens , just move camera and give it a clear view ,that will take care of it.
  9. Kingram

    REVIEW: ACTi TCM-7811

    Thanks for the review, how much does it sell for and where. Thanks
  10. Kingram

    New home install

    Nice setup and I like those tiny bullets. I see you have a rock yard, you live in Arizona?
  11. I use a CNB Dome indoor camera on my covered porch with no problems so far, but not a lot of moisture here in Arizona.
  12. Kingram

    Poor night vision picture - blotchy bubbles

    IR Glare , I had this happen with a Gadspot bullet that was mounted under a eve, I just had to adjust the angle. But the Poltergeist idea sounds cool.
  13. Kingram


    For Android phones/ Tablets use gDMSS. Port # 37777 Use your own IP address.
  14. Kingram

    what do you recommend?

    The CNB DFL 20 is a nice Indoor camera without IR for $60 at Amazon and other retailers. I use those in my home and the CNB vcm 24VF in the yard.
  15. I'll add that CNB cameras are a really good camera, I use the CNB DFL-20S for indoor and the CNB VCM -24VF outdoor.