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  1. This seems to be the card which uses the Kodicom software, old one and surly a piratated clone...
  2. Interesting, the part about the software, can you tell me from where i can download that software?
  3. Both are crap, poor software with many bugs, stay away from this cards.
  4. hahaha, it`s like you are driving your car and from time to time it stops...but, hey, you have payed little money, so you will do a little repair and tweaking to that car (card) to be running again...i imagine the dvr standalone you have bought, sure was a same cheap product with poor performance, so please enjoy it! Another man who is happy by paying less for nothing...
  5. man, you are a novice or just playing stupid? that cards are really bad, the software it`s a joke, there are a lot of threads about it...
  6. trocandio

    DVR or a PC ?

    Wrong, a good DVR it`s around 200$ (AV Tech AVC-760AS new series).Also, there are dvr standalone controlled with mouse and the GUI is very intuitive.The dvr units take more ground day by day, that`s a fact.I was a fun for capture cards until the dvr with mouse control has come in.As a matter a fact the dvr sells are about 70% and two years ago the dvr cards was there.So...
  7. It never does, it`s a fake man.It`s no way in hell to do a Philips SAA-7130 chip to record at 640x480 25fps.Get real, this is just a poor card from another liers from china.
  8. I have bought from that Howell company a few hardware cards 2 years ago and they do only CIF resolution.The software was terrific, also the video quality.I still own a hardware card with Philips chips (1701 i think) which i still cannot use at all, no matter what software i have tried (from them).I recommend to everybody to stay away from that company.They don`t know how to do a good product for sure.
  9. That card&software sucks big time, get rid of that junk and buy yourself a real surveillance card&software.
  10. trocandio

    wave-p 9808 card

    It`s quit simple, just replace your video card with ATI X300 or X550.Other newer video cards will give you the same problem.
  11. That "software" it is for the people who really don`t know what is a surveillance system
  12. Indeed basic, but there are so many people without a logical thinking...
  13. trocandio

    DVR survallience

    What can you expect at a 30$ card?You should learn to look out for the price/performance ratio when you buy a product.This card really sucks, period.
  14. first, you must check in the control panel if the drivers are installed corectlly.
  15. trocandio

    Geovision GV800 - Genuine or Clone?

    I have seen a lot of clone cards which came with the same "professional cd", they do all almost perfect.Anyhow, a clone card works exactly the same like the original in most cases.These series of geo cards are outdated anyhow, the old BT878 chip has reach his limits a long time ago.If it`s really cheap, it `s worthing, otherwise not.