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  1. graphicw

    Legal Issues? Recording neighbor's activity

    I will say the same for the movers and not remove my post when the heat is on. "Yes, they do need to grow a pair. Stand your ground and learn you have to be man sometimes!" Now to cover the legality of the issue at hand. If you make your cameras obvious, then you cannot be accused of voyeurism. Don't aim it straight for the neighbor's windows, but rather cover avenues of approach to your property. If the neighbor's yard happens to be in one of your views, so be it as long as it is a legitimate avenue of approach to your property or doors and windows. I have cameras that have three of my neighbor's property in view. They cover legitimate avenues of approach to my property and most of the frame is on my own property. If trouble ratchets up, just walk the dog with a piece in plane sight. Do some target practice back in the woods with your AR-15 and AK-47 from time to time. This gets the message across without ever having to threaten anyone. They know you will stand your ground and have the means to do so if pushed. Yes, I have had to do this in real life and if I am ever pushed to bear arms on someone, I will do it without hesitation. My problems are zero, I live happy and healthy and did not have to move even though I had two neighbors trying to create some problems some years back.
  2. One other thing, if you go with Diginet, you can only use a Kodicom card or clone with it. Any of these will work: KMC 4400 KMC 8800 KMC 8016 KMC 8416 KIO 1616 for IO, PTZ and alarm integration Look those up in google and learn about them. I can tell you anything you want to know about them as well, but if you cannot get original equipment, let me know the source of your clone. Some of the clones are very bad and work erratically.
  3. Diginet is a good move and is one my favorite CCTV programs. It also works well on a fairly low spec computer keeping costs down. You can also integrate your motion detectors and reed switches with Diginet as well. This means you can integrate this package with your security system in the future. You will need a Kio 1616 card for the sensor and control interface though. Luckily, they are quite cheap and can be had for $50.00 and are very often Kodicom orginals. If you want 16 channels of video, you will want a KMC 8416a. This board will allow you 16 channels video and 4 channels of audio. You will be able to view and record 30fps on each channel at CIF resolution. If you run at 640x480, you will be able to record at 15fps on each channel which is more than suffice. Try to get an original if you can. This is also an MPEG4 board so it is more efficient than the Engine K boards like KMC 8800 and 4400 types. If you want this board PM me and I will send you a source that you can wheel an deal with to get ahold of an original KMC 8416A, KIO 1616 and all needed cables for about $250.00. He will try to sell it at $899, but can be talked down to $250.00 It is original Kodicom equipment too and therefore wont give you the problem that comes with the clones at times. Diginet will work with IP cameras well, Acti and Axis brands, but resolution will be 640x480. Best to stick with analog as IP is more expensive. You do not need movie quality video for CCTV. You just need to be able to see what is going on and identify the perpetrators causing your issues or threatening your propery. Choosing the right cameras and lense types will allow you to achieve this with analog. I use all analog equipment. You can download the Diginet 5.2 client for free and I will allow you to view one of my systems and check out the software before you buy (I do not sell this software, so this is to help you out, I gain nothing from it). PM me if you want to do this.
  4. Most retail establishments I have dealt with try to keep two months of video on hand (department stores and such). Your common gas station is normally about a month or so. Never installed a system in a pawn shop, but I would venture to say at least a month.
  5. graphicw

    Legal Issues? Recording neighbor's activity

    Simply move seems to suggest running. I have never been one to run and plus it takes resources to move. That is not a solution for most people due to cost alone. I would also hope that the majority have more guts than to run. The problem can be solved peacefully as long as the perpetrator has something to lose. For most people, the threat of being caught in their actions or coming up against someone who they know will fight back will be enough to deter them. Those that just no longer care anymore will still approach, but we all know how those kind of people have to be dealt with.
  6. graphicw

    Chinese DVR kits in a Chinese eyes

    Now that is comparing "Apples" to Oranges. lol The products you mention are officially sanctioned by the actual owners of the rights to make the product. In order to maintain their reputation in the marketplace, they gnerally keep a tight control on quality. It is the cloned or illegally copied products from China that are the source of the problems I mentioned.
  7. graphicw

    Chinese DVR kits in a Chinese eyes

    What makes Chinese product have bad reputation is that much of it is hacked copies of the original not even built to the original spec. People buy this crap thinking it is the real thing at a lower price. It then becomes a pain in the ass for those of us that install it because we get blamed when the cheap crap does not work like it should. All of the Geovision clones I have seen have been complete and total crap that cannot even use the newer versions of the software and then do not work reliably with the older hacked versions they come with. You know how useful a DVR is that decides to BSOD every so often is? Not very when you have to wonder whether or not it is working. The only good clones I have seen out there period are the Kodicom clones (only some of them at that). Problem is that Chinese manufactures like to skimp on needed components on their clones like the proper resistors and sometimes leave out capacitors that are included in the original card. Such shortcuts ask for an erratically operating card. You can keep the Chinese copy crap, I stick to the originals where I can. I install a lot of Kodicom, but I go out of my way to get original hardware whenever I can. I am selective about what clones I use when I cannot find original hardware.
  8. There is no reason to buy opensuse. It is an open source OS. You will need to do more than study software, you will also need a good understanding of hardware as well. Linux based DVR will make a good DVR, but do not expect to integrate that with any alarm system. There is a large selection of Windows based DVR software that will integrate with motion detectors, reed switches, alarm relays and all kinds of goodies. I use Linux on my desktop, but I tell you the facts when I say a properly set up Windows box can be just as secure as Linux that is properly set up. You can very easily disable many of the services that make Windows insecure. You also have to change your habits in regard to a Windows machine once it is set up as a DVR. In other words, don't browse the web with it, use it for playing games or anything else other than runnings software for your security/dvr system. It is OK to use it as a file server, though I would refrain from using it as an app server at any time. You will find that once you disable certain services, your use of the machine will be restricted to the actual intended purpose. You will also find that most retail establishments use Windows based DVR software with Diginet, Protech, Avermedia and Geovision being quite common.
  9. graphicw

    Baud rate

    Baud rate is the data speed. The higher the number, the faster the speed. PTZ cameras generally use baud rate settings.
  10. Here is what I found on this card. http://www.surveillance-video.com/55-600d4-160.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=55-600d4-160 It is advertised as able to do 16 cameras and 1 channel of audio. I very rarely deal with Geovision cards. Too expensive for what you get when you actually get a true and original card. Most of the E-bay ones are fakes and do not have the ability to take advantage of the latest software though they are cheaper being that they fake. I prefer to use the older Kodicom cards. I can reach the same analog quality as the Geovision software and still use IP cams if I choose to as well though still only in 640x480. A Kodicom 8416A will allow you 16 channels of video with four channels of audio. There is currently one person selling the entire card kit with Kio-1616, 1608 board, all cables and 8416A for $899.00. He accepted offer for $250.00. It is original Kodicom equipment and not the usual clones you seem to find on E-bay these days.
  11. graphicw

    Legal Issues? Recording neighbor's activity

    In my case, I do not have a wife or kids, so I do not have anything to lose in this world. If they want to burn my house down or shoot me, then they can come on over and do it, but I am not going to make it easy for them. All doors and windows have magnetic reed switches, All rooms with exterior doors have have motion detectors and audio glass break detectors. The room I reside in does not have very many windows and is the farthest room from any entrance to the house. I will have plenty of time upon the alarm sounding to pick up the AR-15 walk to the livingroom doorway and open up on the perpetrator. My CCTV system is far from any points of entrance and so are my weapons. Everything is close to where I am. The house is cinderblock with some interior walls being cinderblock as well. My chances are better than average if I have someone decide to pay me a visit and like I said, if they come I do not spend much time worrying about it. If I win, then I justifiably solved my problem for good. If I lose when they enter, well I guess I wont have to worry about anything anymore. lol I do have several 1,000 watt metal halide lights that I decided to line down the side of my house aimed at the problem neighbor. Night was day for several weeks when they began causing me problems. I had three of those lighting them up. The cameras on that side never even entered infrared led mode the light was that good. After the problems stopped, I quit using the lights. They kill you on the electric bill, especially when you forget to turn them off during the day. A 3 kw draw does make a big impact on the power bill when it runs 24x7.
  12. graphicw

    Legal Issues? Recording neighbor's activity

    There is nothing illegal with recording neighbors in most of the US. There are plenty of Youtube videos of "neighbors from hell" caught in the act. About two years ago, I got into a dispute with a neighbor because he was dealing drugs from his house and his visitors were blocking my own driveway as well. I ended up putting up a "Do not block driveway" sign that ended up ripped down. I also ended up with a flat tire when I ran over screws thrown into my driveway. I ended up lining up one side of the house with cameras all pointed at him (total of four). All of my problems suddenly stopped once surveillance was obvious. If your cameras are obvious enough, the "roaches" may scurry like they do when someone turns the lights on.
  13. That card supports up to 16 cameras with a total of 50 fps (PAL) shared between all of the cameras. Here is one that is less expensive and will give you full framerate on 8 channels at 640x480 resolution. I have a great deal of experience with using these cards. You can either use the Diginet DVR software with this card, or use Zoneminder in Linux. Here is a the link for the card: http://www.camsecure.co.uk/CamsecureBT878aPCICard.html
  14. graphicw

    maplins 264 160gb dvr!

    The link appears to be dead. Normally any activeX will be loaded from the DVR itself, not from a remote address. You may need to make sure you have set up the DVR properly as well as checking your firmware version to make sure it is up to date.
  15. graphicw

    Kodicom KMC8416A

    I finally discovered the purpose of the 26 pin header on the 8416 series DVR cards. It is to allow a direct connection to the video card via a 26 pin ribbon cable. This is kown as VIP or video interface port. It was one of the major stand out features of the 8416 however video cards with this port are no longer common. Not a bad feature though to allow direct video transfer without using the PCI bus. The Kodicom advertised function of VIP was higher quality of video. Mystery solved. I hope that somebody has found this useful.