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  1. Need to run cables through the roof for cameras; do you guys know who sells something like this?
  2. krassyg

    Hikvision Event Playback without iVMS-4200

    Solved, the setting was buried in the NVR Event settings, Linkage Method "Notify Surveillance Center".
  3. Is there a way to do event playback outside IVMS-4200? Don't see it in Hik-Connect or in the browser, just want to make sure I am not missing some buried option in the settings that will turn it on.
  4. Does anybody make universal camera brackets that allow direct mount to grid tile ceiling beams? Camera is fairly heavy (DS-2CD2347G2-LU at 1.7 lbs) and I don't want to mount it to a tile; probably against code in NYC as well. I can probably figure out some hack but would rather buy it premade. Will probably use two of these at 90 degree if nobody makes it: Armstrong Ceilings Drywall Adapter 50-pack 4-in Clip in the Ceiling Tile Tools & Hardware department at Lowes.com
  5. krassyg

    Cameras for restaurant

    First time I am doing a restaurant; would you do dome or turret cameras? 1st fl kitchen is connected with the retail floor; probably some fumes/oils.
  6. What would you recommend for a home office with double doors? Aesthetics are the most important aspect.
  7. Customer wants 8 cameras mounted outside,30-40 feet away from the house. There is no existing conduit. Instead of drilling and patching for 8 locations through the wall, I am thinking of mounting the network switch outside in a weatherproof enclosure and running only one network cable and the power inside the house. Somebody else is doing the conduit. What do you guys think? Alternatively, I can link all cameras together, bundle the cables and run them together in a single location through the wall.
  8. I am looking for an outdoor 1080p bullet or dome camera, preferably with a heater and IR illuminators. These would be ideal, but they are over the budget: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-SNCCH260/ http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-securitycameras/cat-secnetminidomecams/product-SNCDH260/ Anything else under a grand?
  9. krassyg

    Outdoor cameras temperature rating

    So how should I determine if a heater is necessary? spec the camera at the lowest average, or lowest on record?
  10. The camera I am poposing for a client for is rated down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest average temperature in the area is listed at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest on record though is -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Should I be looking at a heated enclosure with a blower? The camera is Vivotek IP8362.
  11. I am leaning towards this camera for use with Synology DS1512+. Any other 1080p outdoor cameras that I should be looking in this price range (around $600-700)?
  12. I am leaning towards this camera for use with Synology DS1512+. Any other 1080p outdoor cameras that I should be looking in this price range (around $600-700)?
  13. krassyg

    Synology NAS based system

    What do you suggest as an alternative? I have used the 211J and it was slow because of the 128Mb ram and the CPU. The DS1512+ is a dual core 2.13 with 1GB RAM.
  14. Customer want to mount the cameras on the trees surrounding the house and wants them as descreet as possible. I am thinking of getting a few small bird houses and mounting the cameras inside and painting them to match the tree. I can also stuff some thermal insulation inside the box(cold winters). Alternatively, I can make a small wooden box and mount the bullet camera sideways to the tree. What do you guys think? The trees are massive, 5-6 feet in diameter at the base.
  15. krassyg

    Synology NAS based system

    I need to propose a 5-6 camera for remote surveillance of a weekend home. 1 camera for the front gate, 4-5 cameras around the house. Monitoring will be on a PC or iDevice. The customer wants to mount the cameras on the trees surrounding the house and wants them as descreet as possible(except the front gate). The trees are massive, 5-6 feet base of trunk in diameter. I am thinking of proposing a Synology NAS since the customer also has two separate hi-end home theaters, but no local storage for the DLNA devices(Samsung Smart TVs, Pioneer network capable receiver, Oppo BDP-93, etc.) This way I can kill two birds with one stone, give him a surveillance solution and a full featured audio/video media server. The equipment I am proposing is as follows: Synology NVR: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS411%2BII&lang=us or http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS1512%2B&lang=us Cameras: Front gate: http://www.vivotek.com/products/model.php?network_camera=fd8162 or http://www.vivotek.com/products/model.php?network_camera=sd8362e with separate IR iluminator for the gate area if he wants PTZ Secondary cameras: http://www.vivotek.com/products/model.php?network_camera=ip8362 I am also thinking of hiding the cameras in small bird house enclosures or make a small wood box and paint it the same color as the trees in order to have the cameras blend in better. I can also put some thermal insulation inside to provide more protection against the elements(about 50 miles north of New York, pretty cold winters). Conduit will be provided by the contractor. What do you guys think? What are the potential problems? Any other cameras that I should be looking in this price range(have to be compatible with the synology NAS),1080p Thanks in advance