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  1. I am pricing new servers to store video feeds from 21 Mobotix cameras and started wondering if it would be possible to feed these directly to the internet instead of a server (or both)... Are there cloud solutions specifically for this purpose? if not specific, is there a best one to use?
  2. I have been assigned the task of repairing our access control system. It is an IDTeck SR with four doors. 1. I can no longer ping the controller and it appears the Ethernet interface is bad, where can I buy just the board? Everywhere I look they want to sell me the whole system. 2. We no longer have an interconnected DVR so when I try to start the software to add users ID cards, it says "DVR not execute" so I need a suggestion on how to make their software run independently or where to get software that will run independent of a DVR. (After I fix the Ethernet interface of course).
  3. I have a client that doesn't want wires run everywhere and their attic is split by a tall ceiling anyway. Are there any wireless systems that work ok? Or should I just try and run the wires if I want a reliable system?
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    Are there any good wireless systems?

    I looked at their cameras, only saw ethernet cameras... no wifi I guess I could get ethernet to wifi adapater... If I add wifi/IP cameras to my system, how do they interface with my current dvr? ( Dahua Economy 16 channel )
  5. Yes and I have had no luck. I click "purchase product" on their website, it will only display an email window... no one will answer any emails. Thanks for the other info about the reader....
  6. Our building has a system made by "idteck". I have had no luck emailing them(no response) about purchasing replacement parts. is there a source in the united states to buy these products? I need a replacement reader (Star RF20 RF Reader)...
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    Hello from MS ...

    IT guy drafted into the security, CCTV, access world! Completely new to these systems... but I plan on learning fast!