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  1. PaJoe

    Spider spray

    I am using old fashion moth balls from a Amish/Menonite store and they work for a couple weeks but keep getting smaller and less effective. I used old medicine bottles with some holes drilled in for air, just used a wood screw to hold the lid to the ceiling and screw the bottle on the lid. On one camera I just used some netting material from a laundry bag and tied it around the camera. When I first put the moth balls out you can smell the the moth balls from several feet away, but as they get smaller in size so does the odor. The insecticide in moth balls may not be safe for the birds or other small animals, I even read snakes will avoid them. Also , if anyone tries Old Fashion Moth balls be sure to keep the open box in a safe place, the odor will creep out all around the house and may make someone sick. Walgreens has them: http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/enoz-old-fashioned-moth-balls-pest-control/ID=prod14915-product
  2. PaJoe

    Questions about Linux based systems

    If you are interested in linux based solutions, you may want to check out http://store.bluecherry.net/ as they have linux based software ready to go.
  3. For what it's worth: I have purchased 2 Q-See dvr systems from Costco. The last one, a QT528 developed a problem after a few months and would not boot. The Q-See web page directed me to a special RMA page for Costco customers, they get a little better warranty service and was also contacted by Costco customer service and given a contact to let them know if Q-See customer service does not take care of my problem to my satisfaction. The dvr needed to be returned, Q-see sent me a return label for UPS and less than 2 weeks later (not sure how long it was) I received what appeared to be a new dvr. Q-See paid for shipping both ways. Overall, I was very pleased with the customer service. However, I am thinking now my next dvr will be a dahua ( or a brand made by dahua) because it is the only brand that has any type of software for linux (Linux PSS 4.04.2 works with kubuntu 12.04) . It works with my 4 channel Q-see but not the QT528, so I am considering a new 8 or 16 channel full D1 dahua dvr, just have not found the one I want, I also need to make sure it works with version 4.04.2 of the software because dahua does not intend to upgrade the linux software. joe