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  1. BlackDiamond

    Camera's go fuzzy at night?

    I had a similar (fuzzy) problem with an old Q-See system. The solution was replace the power supply. The Technician said the old power supply was no longer providing the demand from the LED lights at night.
  2. BlackDiamond

    CCTV Camera Power Supply question

    Ok. I'll proceed and order the power supply. I will use it to power 1 old camera for a few days just to ensure it wont negatively effect the camera. Thank you for your reply!
  3. I own this 16 Camera Lorex System https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-dvr-mpx-cameras/4mp-hd-camera-home-security-system/2KMPX1616-1-p Rather than plug in 16 separate power supplies into 16 outlets, I want to use this camera power supply. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/18-channel-dc12v-30a-regulated-cctv-camera-power-supply-i220356873-s288806100.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.14.58f5736ezB3itk&search=1 Question: Each Lorex Power supply per camera is 12volts, 5Amp Can I use the 30Amp box to power all 16 Cameras? Will it damage the Cameras? or do I need to use a smaller amp box? Thank you!
  4. BlackDiamond

    Night Vision stopped working - Dark picture now

    Man you were spot on about the IR Filter being stuck! I used the magnet, no result, turned it upside down, no result. What worked for me was turning it upside down and repeatedly shining a flashlight directly into the IR sensor, then cover the lens to make it dark. After about 5 times of doing this i started hearing the click. I then went to the TV Monitor and it's now working properly. THANK YOU !!!!
  5. I have a Q-See 8 Camera CCTV System, Camera is QSM5265C. Daytime camera operation works excellent however the the Nightvision looks like i adjusted the brightness level to the darkest setting. Images can be seen but it's as if there is no more IR function. The IR Lights in the camera are on. I disconnected the power, reconnected, reviewed all the settings, connections. Could this be a camera failure or am I overlooking something that someone may have resolved themselves with a similar issue. Thank you.
  6. After all my failed attempts to port forward so i can remote view CCTV, I'm finally convinced that my ISP is blocking/restricting Port 80. At this point it seems that my only option is using the web hop feature with http://dyn.com/ or the port 80 redirect feature with http://www.no-ip.com/ Is anyone successfully using either feature? Which is better? Thank you.
  7. BlackDiamond

    Q-See QT 528 cannot port forward cannot remote view

    This is interesting. I updated the QT528 Firmware version 3.1.92 for QT526 and QT528 that was released 3/1/2012 http://qsee.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1369/kw/qt528 I now have a Server tab in Network that was not there before and it "is not" enabled. The default settings are below. There is "no" information on this server setting in the QT528 manual or on the internet. Should I enable it and add other than default data? Enable (It's not enabled) Server (this is the default) Server Port 1002 (this is the default) Device ID 382 (this is the default)
  8. BlackDiamond

    Q-See QT 528 cannot port forward cannot remote view

    I had my brother try to open my public IP from his house - Could not find website then he tried the DDNS, same results.
  9. Need help/advice please. Q-See QT528 cannot port forward cannot remote view. My devices are: Q-See QT528 with 8 cameras Netgear WNDR3400v1 Router ISP - Smart Bro Philippines Toshiba Satellite Laptop/ Kaspersky Pure I spent the last 3 days trying just about everything that I read to do on many websites, manuals, etc. to remote monitor the QT528. I'm out of options so I decided to ask for advice here. The problem seems to be that I am unable to accomplish port forward. I followed the Q-See manual verbatim, no luck although I do get an OK on the QT528 when I do the 2 network tests (IP and update DDNS) so the DVR is communicating to the internet. I'm also able to "locally" log into the DVR on my laptop and view the cameras over the WAN/LAN using the IP assigned by the router so the DVR is broadcasting over the router. I'm just not able to remote view over the internet in any capacity. All port checks failed using several software and web based port checks. The odd thing is that I was able to do a successful port check on both DVR default ports 80/6036 when i connected to my VPN using a stateside IP address but I'm still not able to remote connect with the VPN connected. Could it be that Q-See remote monitoring won't work overseas? I read where it's possible for an ISP to somehow block/restrict port 80 so I'm not sure if that's the case here. I also discovered that the QT528 requires minimum 1Mbps Upload Speed 1Mbps Download speed. A speed test on speedtest.net revealed sufficient download speed but a third of the required upload speed. I think i should still be able to at least connect regardless of this though. Tasks that I've tried so far to troubleshoot the problem. QT528: - updated the firmware - enabled UPnP/disabled UPnp - tried a static IP - changed both 80/6036 Default ports, tried 80 to 89 and 6030 to 6036 WNDR3400v1: - enabled UPnP/disabled UPnP - manually configured port forwarding to the DVR - paid $30 to PFConfig (useless) - updated firmware/rolled back to old firmware - disabled/enabled the firewall - enabled/disabled DDNS Kaspersky Pure: - enabled/disabled - I also tried using a laptop with no antivirus installed I would appreciate any advice with this challenge. Thank you.