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  1. Very sorry to hear about this loss. Carl is a great guy! found out that we went to the same highschool, although more then 2 decades apart.
  2. Yikes, I hope this isn't common with Hikvision cameras. not too common, i have 12 hikvision cameras installed, i have one that needs to be powercycled every few months, and 1 that needs to be hardreset every few months, every other camera has been flawless.
  3. need to do a hard reset. i have a hikvision bullet, needs to be hard reset every 3 months, pissing me off really! works for 3 months, then it just crashes internally requiring a hard reset. This is one of my hardest cameras to access, so every year i get to get up there to reset it. Really need to replace this one. Need to press at the hard reset button while plugging in the ethernet cable, and hold for 10 secs or so until you hear the camera click.
  4. 5.2 seems to be overly sensitive with detection of light, i get a billion emails a day now due to the sunlight triggering motion. Used to get maybe a few a day.
  5. if you more pixels to recognize people at distance my 3mp cams capture faces at 10-20 ft away just fine, i can make them out most of the time need to get myself a 5mp camera.
  6. Hikvision 5.1.2 Chinese to English Fix viewtopic.php?f=19&t=40240 i've done that fix, this "HACK" seems to be talking about something else
  7. can someone translate this to something that anyone could understand?
  8. the best reviews you will find are on the forums. Not many people run 5mp cameras, although i am looking to pick one of those up eventually to get a wider view. I run the 3 MP versions of the one you linked, costco sells them labeled as swann for $250 each. The 2 i have have been very stable for the past year.
  9. i also have a few geovision cameras, and a dozen dahua cameras, but in the end i settled with hikvision, since they had better features and the interface was easier to work with. and constantly supported with new firmwares. your best source for info would be forums such as this one. Hikvision cameras are generally well received, and raved about. For the price point, its very very hard to come close.
  10. first hand experience i went from 6x logitech alert system, 6x external cameras, used 4 externally and 2 internally for over 2 years. i am now using hikvision cameras, ~150 each for the most part or less, 2 varifocal bullets that were $250 each. Now running 11 Hikvision cameras ( still have a few i didn't set up yet) using hikvision apps for monitoring. your choice of app for recording, i am using synology which is ok software but not the greatest as they come at a high cost. Happily using this setup for the past year now. way improved picture quality amongst other things since upgrading from the logitech alert system.
  11. Is BLC a feature on my Swann NVR already? Ive gone through all the settings I and haven't come across that feature or setting. Can you tell me where to find it? BLC setting are mixed in with WDR settings. You might need to manually log into the camera to do it. But last i tried my lorex(hikvision) system, i vaguely remember being able to adjust WDR settings.
  12. i-frame settings maybe? i had to adjust mine, forgot what it was to remove studder remote viewing, previously it would refresh every 2-3 seconds when remote viewing. are you on avs forums by any chance?
  13. i have the exact same issue, the solution is to turn on BLC, and play around with where to focus the back light compensation. The wall will still be bright, but it wont be dark in the other area anymore.
  14. CLOUD that says it all, it is constantly uploading to a cloud.
  15. the log is from his patching program, in case there are any errors, he would probably tell you to give him the log to figure out where it went wrong.