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  1. Stubblehound

    Been advised on this system. Is it any good?

    £85 was for 2 cameras. Will take a look at what you mentiond later as I am mobile at the moment. Andy
  2. Hi I have been to my local cctv company (not many around) and was given a quote on the following system that has remote viewing on the iPhone using eagle eyes: All prices are plus VAT at 20% AVTech KPD 674 4ch £69.99 500 GB SATA HDD £57.00 2 x Anti Vandal Dome Cam 2.8-12mm vari focal lens using a 2365+ 36B15 Sharp 1/3" CCD in grey £85.36 plus the odd bits and pieces like psu's cables, splitters etc etc All in all including VAT is £328.07 Would this be a good system for the price? Any UK companies that can offer the same for less or better for the same price? Well, it is a buyers market
  3. Stubblehound

    Min HDD size?

    It proberbly will be on 24/7 but just wondered if I would get away with anything less than 500. 500 it is then.
  4. Stubblehound

    Min HDD size?

    What would be an ideal minimum size hard drive for a system running an Avtech KPD 674? It will have 2 cameras and will be running mainly at night and when the house is not occupied during the day. Thanks
  5. Stubblehound

    Connecting DVR to Router question

    A DVR would have been my first choice, but just wasnt sure about it working over WIFI. Do I have to get WIFI built in or can I use a WIFI antenna. I dont want to spend too much on a 2 camera system, but there again, I want it to do a half decent job.
  6. I live in a small semi detatched property and really only need a max of 2 cameras so obviously I just need a 4 ch system. I am looking at 2 possibilities, either a stand alone DVR or maybe build a dedicated pc based system. Is it possible to connect a DVR to my router using my home wifi or does it have to be plugged directly into the router? Could I use a wifi antenna or would I have to go down the pc based route? Reason being my router is downstairs and I want the DVR upstairs in my home office. Thanks for any help
  7. Stubblehound

    What will I need?

    Thanks for the hints and tips, especially the PIR alerts. I am here to learn and with your help find the ideal equipment to do the job right. I have some security light somewhere, but I dont think they are motion activated. One of those jobs I never got round to doing. Oh well, these things are sent to give us a kick up the arse. Andy
  8. Stubblehound

    What will I need?

    I would like to secure my property with a cctv system and have no idea what is needed. I am a hands on person and like to source my own equipment with forum recomendations of equipment needed. Here are my requirements. 1. A system that allows me to remote view on my smartphone (iPhone). 2. I would need no more than 4 cameras and would like a good picture with night vision as this is when the scrouts are active. 3. Email/SMS notification on movement detection. I have seen a few cheap systems on the UK market, but reading the reviews has led me to the decision of designing my own. Thanks for any help. Andy
  9. Hi It is with mixed feelings I find myself here. I have been lurking for about a week and decided to join which is the good thing. The bad thing is what has inspired me to join. Some kind so and so decided to help themselves to my 10 year old sons mountain bike from our shed. Luckily they left the ferret !! So hopefully, with the help of the forum, I will be able to build/install my own system. Regards Andy