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  1. Do any installers have tips for improving light leakage from integrated IR on Axis domes? I recently purchased a new P3364-LVE as I only need 1.3 MP in my application. I am getting a nice halo around the view when the camera is in night mode with IR on. I have two other cameras of the same model that don’t have this issue... on those cams the hood is making a nice seal with the dome. I’ve tried repositioning the hood a bit but it won’t seal up tight. Any installer tips? I did install the camera module into an existing camera housing for a P3364 non LVE version, as they appeared to be identical. Could that be an issue?
  2. It's full of adds and requires registration every year or it stops working. Not really worth it. That kind of sucks. I sent you back a PM on upgrading to the next version up, it's probably what I would want to do at this point.
  3. I have four cameras and plans for 2-3 more over the next year or so. I will pm you my license # when I return home, thanks very much for your help.
  4. That would be great, thanks! The website indicates that customers who have lapsed on support are able to upgrade to Express for free if they buy 3 years of support at 50% off. I might be interested in doing that.
  5. Colorado. essentials is now free for 8 cams or less. Well that's interesting. When did it happen? Do I just download a new license then? I wonder if that's why after I "upgraded" to 2016 R1 I lost the ability to record MPEG-4 from my Axis cameras.
  6. Hi all, I'm running Milestone Xprotect Essentials which I originally purchased with 3 years of upgrade coverage. That upgrade coverage recently expired and I'm now running one version back from the latest version as my license key is ineligible for upgrade to the latest version. Which wouldn't be a big deal except I've got a problem currently and I'd like to upgrade to the latest version before I spend a lot of time trying to resolve it. The dealer I purchased the licenses from is no longer in business. What's the process of buying new license upgrade coverage for an existing installation from another dealer? Is it cheaper than just buying brand new licenses? Thanks
  7. All, I'm looking to replace my now 4 year old Samsung SNV-5080R with something newer generation. Camera is installed in a front door alcove, the exterior lights are timed to shut down at 10PM so the camera needs to provide its own illumination between 10PM and sunrise. Samsung I am using now has integrated IR but it's not very good. The camera is also enormous and a bit of an eyesore. Over the past couple of years I have replaced other cameras around the house with Axis P3364-VE & LVE cameras and think that they are amazing cameras if you can get a deal on them (I usually just try to scoop cheap ones on eBay). In particular the integrated IR on the LVE cameras is impressive as it doesn't require special gasket on the camera lens and has a really wide FOV if you are using it wide-angle. However the P3364-LVE does not have 2 way audio and this is something I've debated adding to any new camera I put in, assuming I can get it to work with Milestone Xprotect client (we have Xprotect Essentials installed for recording and mobile apps). Any suggestions welcome, thanks.
  8. I haven't been active on the forums now for awhile but started looking for his newer reviews when I was considering a couple of new cameras for my wife's office... really shocked to hear of his passing. He and I corresponded often over forum PM, especially when we were both starting to mess about with Milestone. Very heavy heart and sad for his family. 59 years is far too young to lose him.
  9. Hey all, Does anyone have any night time sample video of P3364-LVE set to wide angle? I'm interested in seeing what the wide angle performance is like with the integrated IR and light finder capabilities. This would be going on the corner of a 300 square foot patio to replace a Samsung dome that has very bad integrated IR (basically a spotlight) at 6mm. The Samsung is also suffering from a noisy fan. I will probably take it down, get it serviced and then sell it. Thanks.
  10. Thanks! The Axis kicks the crap out of the DynaColor, but it should for the price!
  11. Don't know a great deal about them. I saw them when I was wandering the web one day. When you mentioned you were after a reasonably priced fisheye they came to mind. Can you link to the axis? I might look into them myself. http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m3007pv/
  12. It looks like Axis has cameras in similar price range that also do 360 panoramic but are a little less expensive. The Axis cameras would for sure be supported in newer versions of Milestone, not so sure about the Hikvision cams. Do you know anything that Hikvision cams that would justify the higher cost over Axis? It looks like they might have integrated IR lighting? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, My wife has become interested in putting a few indoor cameras in the home in order to keep tabs on the comings and goings of our au pair, housekeeper, etc. Can anyone make a recommendation on a discreet, possibly 360 degree indoor IP camera that won't break the bank and will work with Milestone? I envision mounting these in the ceiling in a few spots in the home in order to reduce the # of cams needed. Also, if anyone knows of a cable installer in the Denver area send me a PM. Thanks!
  14. Thanks very much for the info. I would probably prefer a ceiling mount model so it could not easily be tampered with. I will check these out.