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  1. uksecuritycameras

    WI FI for DVRs

    I haven't seen the Apollo range but we did some tests with a £50 Netgear Universal Wi-Fi adaptor yesterday and thats working great, decent frame rate and image quality, ptz control etc is flawless. It is a credit card sized box (designed for Smart TVs & Blueray) with an ethernet port and short patch cable supplied. It can be powered via the supplied power unit, or via USB which is how we used it, our dvr usb port runs it no problem. It simply plugs into the DVRs ethernet port and connects to the wi-fi network, if you have a Netgear router you can use its WPS button, for other routers it has to be configured using a laptop before deploying. Col
  2. Check out this video, it may help. -SyU51I_lO8
  3. uksecuritycameras

    The non-IP "HD CCTV" cameras are quite intriguing to me

    It was just a cheap cmos cameras that we had knocking about, tis true it could of been a better analog camera, perhaps i'll re-shoot it if ever the sun shines again
  4. uksecuritycameras

    Tough Time Getting DVR to Connect to Internet

    Have a look at this video, the DVR menu may be different but shows netgear router setup. Hope this helps. -SyU51I_lO8
  5. uksecuritycameras

    HD-SDI Vs Std CCTV comparison video clips

    Hi We have done a little comparison video showing the new HD-SDI CCTV cameras against standard D1 CCTV. I hope you find this useful. Click to watch in 1080P quality and go full screen for a true idea of quality. z3JOWOTlG1k
  6. uksecuritycameras

    The non-IP "HD CCTV" cameras are quite intriguing to me

    Here is a comparison video we have done using HD-SDI Vs Std CCTV camera, you might find this useful. z3JOWOTlG1k Thanks Tom