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  1. I now have Q-See view app software on my computer and iphone. Used to work fine but now it is completely different. I can never get it to show my cameras. Very little help from Q-See. Could someone suggest another software to view my nvr camera system Thanks Tom
  2. I have a Q-See 16 channel NVR with 3 MP cameras and 3TB HD Model # QC8116-9V4-3. Purchased from Costco 11/3/2014. Workes perfectly with 1 problem: The remote will not operate the NVR. You can operate and switch cameras with the mouse but not the remote. This has just happened. I do not think it is the remote because i have operated it at one of the cameras and the remote shows the blinking in the camera. It just will not control the NVR. Could someone possibly tell me what they think the problem is? I have gone through the software and do not find anywhere that let's you change or set the remote. I thought it might be the eye in the NVR. If so can a place that fixes DVR's work on it? I have called Q-See but they don't give you any help after your warranty has expired. They want you to send it to them for repairs but charge you what you can get a new one for. Any helful advise will be certinally appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have a Q-See QC8116. I am able to receive audio and also talk back on channel 1. The problem is that when I talk back the sound is not loud enough. I need to amplify this. How can I do that. I have looked at some 12volt auto amplifiers but don't know if that is the proper thing to do. Can someone help me with this. The speaker is hooked to the audio port on my NVR [power over ethernet. I can talk via my desktop or mobile phone. Thanks Tom
  4. My NVR camera system has an audio in and audio out port. I would like to hook up a speaker to the audio out port. I will wire it with Cat5e wire. Can anyone suggest a speaker to use. I don't want to spend over 50.00 for it. I want to be able to talk to someone at the front door through the NVR Camera system which has a microphone wired along with the camera at the front door.
  5. I am installing a camera security system and the Cat5E cable that was supplied (100 ft. each) by the company has molded fittings on each end. I want to run this cable through my wall behind the cabinet where I have the NVR instalaled. I am using Keystone 12 space plates and hooking the end of the cat 5e cable that comes from the cameras onto the back side of a Keystone push down type Keystone insert. I will them use a cat5E patch cord which will be male on each end to hook from the Keystone plate to the NVR. This will make a much neater installation rather than cutting a hole in the wall and bringing each of the 12 camera cables through the hole to the NVR. I have everything figured out except the Keystone inserts are wire strip and push down on the back side and RJ female on the front side. I know I can cut the molded RJ45 male plug off one end of the camera cables and use the wire push down insert. Does anyone know if there is a keystone insert that instead of having the wire push down on the back side and female insert socket on the front side, one that has RJ45 female on both sides. I have not been able to find anything like this. Thanks
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    Help with type of Coax to use

    Get your Cat6 from Home Depot. It is 158.00 for roll of 1,000 ft. It is SOLID COPPER. Their RG6 is Solid Copper also.
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    Help with type of Coax to use

    Thanks for that info. I just did not know what quality of cable the 100 ft. rolls were. They are round and hook up with RJ45 connectors so I figure they are Cat5e. What would you think? I guess I could call Q-See to see if they know. I notice the camera is Hd 1089p but CMOS. The angle of view is only 50 to 55 degrees. I think I will buy them and test them out to see what they can do. If I don't like them I can return them for full purchase price plus shipping and handling. Tom
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    Help with type of Coax to use

    Looks like I stirred up a lot of confusion when I asked about RG6 for use in cabling my security system. For this I apologize. At least we got quite some understanding about certain types of cables, I hope. I have not definitely made up my mind about which system I will purchase. I am returning the Samsung unit that I purchased from Sam's. I am afraid that the video resolution is not what I am after. I would end up replacing it with a HD 1080p unit later so cabling for it would have to be changed. I am purchasing a Q-See NVR 1080p IP HD system from Costco. I will be testing it out, and if the video outcome is what I want it to be I will most likely keep it. I will be installing it with RG59 solid core cable with 95% full copper shield, AND separate Code5e full copper internet cable as the system will be powered over the internet. If you like you can view the details of the Q-See unit in the post that I have made in a sub section of this forum titled "IP/Megapixel Cameras and Software Solutions. I would appreciate it if you would view it and give me your opinion. You can google the NVR model # and camera model # to get the specifications. Thanks for everyone's valuable informative information. Tom
  9. Thanks for the replies. I would like someone to pull up the details on the NVR and camera by their model numbers that I have listed and give me some insight to if this is good or bad. Thanks Tom
  10. Costco Whse has this system on sale for 799.99 after 200.00 off. Could someone please check out details of the DVR and Camera and let me know what you think about it. I know it is a IP 1080P system or so it says. It is a Q-See 8 Channel 1080p HD NVR Security Camera System. If you need to check it out at Costco their item # is 916876. QC858-2 Kit QC858-6P4-2 DVR 6 QCN8012B cameras Thanks for any help you can give me. This will be my first security camera system. Tom
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    Help with type of Coax to use

    Horizon: You are very helpful. Here is the model of the Q-See NVR system: You can pull I up and give me your ideas. QC858-2 which consists of NVR model QC858-6P4-2 and 6 cameras model QCN8012B The only thing that I question is CMOS cameras. I have researched them and they are supposed to have been greatly improved. It says the NVR has 8 ports and it lists the manufacturer's that make compatible cameras. If you will, please smoke it over and let me have your thinking, whether it be good or bad. Thanks Tom
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    Help with type of Coax to use

    Hoizan are you saying that I need to run a RG59 single Coax and a Cat5 multi stran cable for power use. That way if I wanted to go to a IP system then I could only add balhm converters. Am I reading you correctly that I do not want to run the RG59 Siamese cable? I have not installed my system yet and Costco has a HD -NRA 8 camera 1080P system for the same price that I paid for my 12 camera analog system. If I were you would you do the IP system. I just don't know how they hook up and work as compared to the analog system. Tom