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  1. forbus

    Can Avermedia Overlay network thermal POS printer?

    Honestly I haven't done any Network Printer POS data capture but, I believe that there has to be a UDP streaming service possibly on the POS device or computer that can send the data out. I don't think you can just connect to the printer and capture data this way. I think the data has to be sent out and we subscribe to the UDP stream.
  2. forbus

    Audio problem over internet

    I certainly agree with you. It's just that I can't develop a software myself so, I "have to" wait for them. God give me the patience
  3. forbus

    NV5000 in Windows Embedded

    Why in the world would you use an embedded OS for this application?
  4. I don't know which feature of Geovision I have used that Aver does not have... Probably the idle protection settings would be the only one. Most installations are more than satisfied with AverMedias. It is almost the only brand that I use and prefer. Extremely easy to service.
  5. forbus

    Can Avermedia Overlay network thermal POS printer?

    Where did you get the port number from? Also, there is no IP setting. It is set to APIPA and you have typed a class A IP address.
  6. forbus

    Audio problem over internet

    I actually just talked to AverMedia today. The rep told me that they are aware of the problem and that it will be fixed with the nex version (no time for it though). In the meantime I will roll back the version and see what happens.
  7. forbus

    A few Questions about new NV3000 card

    I/O is for the add-on card that can be connected to sensors and relays. Watchdog is connected to the reset pins on the motherboard and the reset cable from the case goes to the reset pins on the NV3000. TV out link is connected to the other Nv3000 cards if present so that the TV out signal can be retrieved from that card if the camera to be displayed on TV is on that specific card.
  8. forbus

    Webviewer & Windows 7

    This, by the way happens on 64 bit Windows 7 clients. I talked to AverMedia support about this and they have no idea about how to fix this.
  9. forbus

    Does FaceFinder really work?

    The face finder needs a specific camera that is only focused to the face are. It really needs an upclose picture of the face. sometimes objects that may look like a face (to the computer) are captured as face, as well. The person has to look pretty much straight to the camera. I have used it but I think it is way too early to rely on this.
  10. forbus

    Screen Artefacts

    I would connecto one of the cameras to a test monitor to see where the lines are actually happening. It could be a power problem as well. Are you using 12 or 24V?
  11. forbus

    NV6480E - What computer to build?

    go to http://www.averusa.com/surveillance/productdetail.aspx?id=96 and click on the recommendations tab. Scroll down...
  12. forbus

    removing avermedia logo

    Go into the DVR folder in the Program Files folder and then find the folder that corresponds to your screen resolution. You will see many files there, I have not done it but that's how it is done. Look fod the bitmap texture that you want to change. You can basically change any of the icons on the screen and come up with an all different UI.
  13. forbus

    Can Avermedia Overlay network thermal POS printer?

    I know one restaurant POS company whose software can do that. I specifically asked the developer to come up with an interface that sends all the transactions to me whether they are printed or not. Even non-printing changes to the POS ticket data is still sent.
  14. forbus

    does NV5000 fit in a dell vostro 230 mini tower?

    Keep in mind that you will fill all the expansion slots of the case. So, in that case you won't be able to have the audio extension card... at least not inside the case. Good luck!
  15. forbus

    does NV5000 fit in a dell vostro 230 mini tower?

    I haved used several of them without a problem.