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  1. I haven't been able to find the ONVIF info, but apparently if you plug the camera into the Swann NVR first, Which is supposedly needed to update and change one of the default admin passwords. And, from the NVR, you can add another user to the camera OS which will provide you with the ONVIF access. I don't seem to be able to get ONVIF working, but it will apparently work, from the IPCT thread where people have figured it out. The camera OS website has an area to add and edit the admin account, but it was not a default password, or the defacto 12 digit MAC address, minus the : separators. I don't know how to change that, and the Swann website is not forthcoming. Plus, the Swann network discovery app did not work for me. Without that, the IP is hard coded to the 172.16.x.x subnet, and the default admin password is the MAC address of the network device. Placing the camera on the network or on a laptop, via poe injector, you can set up the camera using a address on the private subnet. If you can ping the camera, you can get the MAC address from ARP. Or, you can use the discovery tool which automates this process Setting the network was the easy part. Once you can access the camera website, you can change the network settings to DHCP, and enable RTSP with anonymous access. Once you have the RTSP stream, it's ip:port/ch01/0 Once RTSP works, you can probably set up a second user, and switch away from the anonymous access, but it did not seem to work. The Swan 885 profile works and the {camera} insert, also works as-is, except that it has a different login and password than the website uses. No idea why. Also, if it just fails, close and reopen blue iris. I was locked out during the initial video setup, likely from failed password attempts, but my phone worked using onvifier and the defaults. Audio and motion events work in blue iris without much setup, the intercom was iffy, but it worked better once the volume was set in the camera OS.