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  1. zopallen

    Outdoor cctv-system

    Hi: ¿CNB I-Blue is the name of the monalisa in europe? Any idea of a shop that sells it? I can't find it So, flood light is better than IR in any case? Thanks!!
  2. zopallen

    Outdoor cctv-system

    Ok, so on one hand we have flood light, which is better for seeing what is happening, and in the other, the IR, which is better for long distance seeing, isn't it? Another question, do you know any shop that sells the Monalisa in the EU? Thanks!!
  3. zopallen

    Outdoor cctv-system

    Thanks a lot for the help!! But what is the average price for an Average IR Iluminator?
  4. zopallen

    Outdoor cctv-system

    Thanks a lot for the support. I dont know whether the reason is a person who hates dogs or someone trying to break into the house. I hope is the first one... But I take note of the recommendation, and i'm starting with the propper education against poison. .............................. I think that the culprit threw the poissoned food over the wall, because the poor animal was at the garden when this happened. Anyway, I think that I will install those lights, motion-detectors o by IR. I still have some questions, related to the supply of the camera (Does come with it's own power cable o I need to buy an especific one? Is an special image cable needed?) And which DVR to buy? Is better that it has remoted access by android or computer. Thanks for the support and advice.
  5. Hi all I'm new to this world of cctv cameras, and im a little bit lost. Need some help. A couple of days ago, my dog was poisoned by someone from outside my home. To prevent it from happening again, and to improve the security of the house, i am thinking of installing the system. The cameras are going to be outdoor, and fixed. The main problem is that the area I want them to see is without light at night. It is possible to install a light so the camera get a better image. I hace been reading your forum, and came to see this camera: CNB Mona Lisa VCM-24VFH. Is it ok? I would be installing 4 cameras, all in the same situation. But i am lost. I dont know which DVR buy, or if I need an especific cable or power supply. Can you help me? The total budget is about 1200$. Where to buy? Necesarily, must be sended to europe. Thanks a lot for the advice!!