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  1. Lets take another approach to this discussion. Usually if you have a quad panel view on your monitor with 4 1080p cameras running full resolution and full frame 30fps you are talking probably an average (low avg.) of about 5Mbps of bandwidth per camera/stream so a quad view could be pushing about 20Mbps of bandwidth to the clients viewing station. Now take 64 2MP cameras all of which are running 30fps full resolution in their video panels we are now talking 5Mbps x 64 cameras = 320Mbps of bandwidth to the client and handling it with an $80 video card? umm huh? You must be using a small res stream or bandwidth or something for the client/video card to decompress all that video.
  2. hikvision FTP login info is -- username: hikfirmware pwd: Hikvision123 (cap H) just received a new 3MP DS-2CD2032-I off ebay for $175.. not bad.. Firmware Version V5.1.0 build 131202 Encoding Version V5.0 build 131128
  3. I agree with you drocer.. no way jose on 16 videos to playback smoothly at full res... Even the new NVIDIA Purevideo cards that support VP4 can decode 4-5 1080 H.264 cameras at 30FPS before relying on the CPU i believe. 16.. i'd have to see it to believe it.. i would think it would also depend on the database that's being used and the way the video is stored for playback.
  4. cliff369

    help network newb connect to switch

    What is the IP address on the computer you are using? is it on the network? if your computer IP is like 192.168.1.something you should be able to see it or is your computer connected to a home router/gateway as well as the new switch because usually home routers have the default IP of or 0.1 which would then be a conflict to your new switch. I'd suggest just going from your computer to the switch only. change your IP address to like through network and sharing center / adapter settings / right click on LAN for properties then TCPIPv4 manually add an address. to see what your IP is you could do windows start then in command field type in 'cmd' then 'ipconfig' and you'll see what your IP. if everything above is correct and you still can't get in, i'd suggest factory resetting the zyxel switch by going through the user manual. hope this helps.
  5. my opinion would be to get the 8 Channel Swann 1080p IP Camera kit, which comes with 4 2 Megapixel outdoor bullet with IR cameras. then you can just add 2 more of them for your 6 cameras. Believe tigerdirect sells it and i'm sure others.. i see it on ebay for about $1100 Going this route though means you'll need to run the wires and install it. I'd recommend paying someone to do the installation though.
  6. Uploaded a few quick shots i've seen with comparison to an older Avigilon 5MP / 10MP vs. Arecont 10MP.. maybe could be useful for you. I've never worked with arecont's cameras so, can't comment on the reliability of them though. also, no clue on the lens used on the cameras. Avigilon 5MP vs. Arecont 10MP zoomed out Avigilon 5MP vs. Arecont 10MP zoomed in Avigilon 11MP vs. Arecont 10MP zoomed out Avigilon 11MP vs. Arecont 10MP zoomed in hope it helps some.
  7. Just was curious if someone likes a better camera then the Q-SEE 700TVL camera model QM7007B i bought and think the image is pretty bad.. is there another decent analog out there that has a little bit better image quality for like $70 or something?
  8. ok.. let us know how it works out.. maybe post a video review of that dvr and it's menu operation. that could help others as well. good luck
  9. Another option would be the following for a $1200-$1300 budget- i know you said $1000, i just look at the experience you'll have with a traditional type IP/DVR box. For a little be more it's worth it in my opinion. buy a low end PC like this HP Pavilion 500-200t, 4th Gen i3 + the GT625 video card $54 upgrade - total $553 then the Hikvision outdoor bullets that i see online sometimes from $170 to $210 I personally like to use gigabit poe switches but a TPLink or DLink unmanaged poe switch is $90 to $120 The HP above only has a 1TB drive in it, could buy another 2TB online for probably $90 somewhere then use Avigilon for your software. Contact a dealer on here for the 'core' license per camera which is very affordable for what you are getting in return, you'll have a much better experience then the DVR route. and finally do some research.. goto youtube and keyword the model numbers of products you are looking at and there could be some video reviews. Especially for the software -- get a feel for the different offerings and see which one will work the best for you. How user friendly is the software in navigation, searches, recorded video playback etc.. I'm sure there are videos out there for Avigilon, Blue Iris, Milestone, Exacq, DVR's, NVRs, etc..
  10. Anyone have an issue with this camera running the latest firmware of 12-16-13 I'm trying setup up motion detection and I can't select any other day except Sunday.. every time I check the 'All' box for all days and it save... it doesn't save.. just stays on sunday. anyone else experiencing this?
  11. It might be possible to use a USB to Ethernet server/converter with ACC - So long as the POS PC and the Avigilon server have IP connectivity between them. ACC Server can connect to any type of POS equipment that can host UTF-8 or ASCII text via TCP port 10001. If the PoS system is IP based and a common one, you could use that instead with a 3rd party integration. is it IP based or just USB/serial.
  12. If you are looking to pay for a system, I'd take a look at Platesmart - http://www.platesmart.com/ Very good system that I've seen in action and reads plates well.
  13. mkoskin, because realistically nobody would buy 2mp cameras and dumb them down to 2Mbps of bandwidth.. might as well buy 1MP cameras or analog. When you cap the bandwidth of the camera then if it's always pegged at 2Mbps it will always compress and degrade the video quality more. You are correct though, you could put 128 cameras at 2Mbps of bandwidth I just never would or would recommend it. hardcopy in my opinion it would be best to put a small mini-itx i3 nvr at the house or maybe the new intel avalon 64bit atom board and record locally... then just monitor and stay logged into all the homes remotely. but i'm not in the residential business so, just my .02 wireguys, agree with your statement as well.. seems like it would be better to just sell the whole system to the house for $1500 or something like that..
  14. cliff369

    Q-see 8 ch NVR or Lorex 8ch NVR?

    Yes the Q-SEE are rebranded Dahua cameras. I haven't see the Lorex before so, not sure on that one. But the Q-SEE/Dahua 2MP bullet isn't that bad for the money. I recently tested one during the day and night and thought it would work well... again for the price. you can't beat 8 2MP IP cameras for that. Just hope all your scenes are ok with the 3.6mm lens. I'll send you some scene shots if you want.
  15. Hi there, let me see if I can assist on this - based off your questions and as it relates to if Avigilon could work for you. - Runs on a dedicated off-shore server (linux/Windows) Headless == runs on any windows 64-bit os system - Auto detect new camera's on the network == If the camera is onvif compliant and one of the native mfgs they support yes it will auto detect it. still have to manually add (drag&drop) the camera to the server because if there were multiple servers you wouldn't want it adding itself to the wrong one. - Does not record all ip camera's continuous, but only records when the camera's alarm is triggerd == You can record on motion detection, digital I/O, or various other reasons based on alarms/rules - Works with a time schedule for the alarms, when the alarm goes off outside it's time, it is ignored == Yes, you can schedule alarms at timeframe you want per camera if you want also - Can group camera's == group cameras by name or location? you can create a site view that lets you organize the cameras that makes sense to you.. like Floor 1 has these cameras, Floor 2 has these cameras, etc.. - Can add a large number of camera's (more than 256) it monitors == Enterprise supports 128 channels or 256Mbps of bandwidth which ever comes first per server. Obviously you couldn't add say 128 2Mbps cameras as it would be to much bandwidth.. What type of cameras are you talking about. - Can scale up adding a second (or third) server == You can have has many servers as you want with Enterprise and clients as well. - Has a web interface (maybe per group of camera's?) that is password protected == There is a web client (internet explorer) available to login to servers and cams. You can create users/groups and limit which cameras they have access to and other rights.. active directory is also supported. - App for android/iPhone === yes.. free - 2 way audio === yes on all h.264 H3 series cameras and free with standard or enterprise s/w They also support 3rd party cameras - about 12-13 natively like Axis, Panasonic, Bosch now, Sony, etc... as well as ONVIF compliant cameras.. Although you probably won't get motion detection support in 3rd party off-branded ONVIF cameras simply because those camera mtgs usually aren't at the latest onvif version or profile S compliant. I would not recommend to use Amazon EC2 with a full IP system as you would need quite a bit of upstream bandwidth from your location to the cloud. a 2MP camera could send anywhere from 1-12Mbps of bandwidth and if you have lets say 50 cameras all recording to the cloud that's lets roughly 3Mbps per camera - 150Mbps upstream connection required for usuable quality. Better to record locally and view remotely in my opinion. Besides there is not a lot of quality of service going through internet hops to get to your cloud location. Pricing is also a one time purchase of licenses, with no recurring licensing fees which is nice. I'd recommend reaching out to the other avigilon certified partners on here like The Wire Guys to help you out if you are still interested. Oh and go check out their youtube channel if you want to see the software. Hope this helped some.