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  1. anyone here can give me an advise on protecting CCTV cameras from lightning? How to make a proper earth gorunding?
  2. I got an Argus CCTV Camera AD1160. It is an IR camera . The problem is that there is no video but the power is working since the IR Led is lighting when you cover the sensors.
  3. Integrator Asia

    IP versus Analog

    What other installers don't consider nowadays is that analog system is quite stable. In terms of monitoring it will give you a quality picture at minimum cost. for sure you may want to put a high-end camera on few places but still need to put some cameras ( a low-end ) on other areas. Also consider the distance with IP unless you are a big company with network connectivity in all areas maybe- you can be an all IP system. And don't forget in IP you need to buy a 24/7 capable network switch which should be reliable one. No matter how good the IP camera in the network switch is always defective then the system is nothing. If cost concerns go with DVR and analog cams. If looking for the future a Hybrid DVR with an IP megapixel on certain areas only.
  4. To All, I like to inquire about the best design for DVR location. Should I put in the Security Guard Office or in Data Center. Why I am thinking of Security Office? 1. This is for Security use right? 2. The security should be the one to control and manage the system. 3. For security purposes. No offense to IT guys, I am an IT admin myself but the system should also be physically safe right?