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  1. You sir ARE correct. Amazing how helpful the manual can sometimes be! (It was tucked away from the previous user [probably the installer and was never looked at by anyone here...who knows]) On page 145 of the manual; NOTE: Remote viewing is only compatible with Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and other browsers are not supported. Page 82-93 details the iSMS Client for both local and remote viewing and I think I've gotten that working okay on one of the units, but on another unit (should be exactly the same), it just is not working. It gives me that "Error: Cannot connect to DVR" warning. I am assuming that error is because I need an update (as per @ tomcctv advice) on the unit but, what/how would I go about that? You linked to the manual but, where should I be looking in the manual and, is it a pretty simple operation or does it make you feel like you need to cross your fingers and hold your breath for it to work *wink, wink*. Thanks for the comments this far. It really got me to stop and go to the bare base of what I was doing. [i.e. I pulled out the manual!!]
  2. Could be the case...In my opinion, that would significantly decrease their appeal. Especially considering they hype their support as "The industry's only..." but without IE on Mac, it seems a bit of a deterent. The iSMS software works remotely so I suppose that's what they are looking for users to do but multi-platform, cross-application browser support would be a major selling point if it were possible.
  3. Well, I've searched the web for help on how to get my digimerge remote viewing to work on a Mac and haven't had much luck thus far. I can access the camera viewer just fine on my PC's (Well, I can't get it to work in Internet Explorer 8 on some of my machines but it works fine on others. Haven't been too concerned with that though. Seems to be an ActiveX problem and I haven't dug much deeper). I downloaded the digimerge iSMS and got it all installed and can view the cameras and controls from there. I have, however, received this error: "Error: Cannot find DVR" or something similar. BUT, I have gotten it working other times so I'm not too concerned about this dialog--just a glitch. I can enter either address to login to the DVR though. It asks for the DVR Address:Port: Username: Password: and I can enter either the local IP address of the DVR: OR myname.digimerge.net:80 and I can get into the iSMS program for camera control and to view stored video. However, when I go to Safari, Chrome, or Firefox (Chrome being my preference) I can login, get the web-page that shows the cameras (1- and Split-Screen options, but the video just doesn't appear. I even get the black box where the video SHOULD be, but I can't get any video. Anyone have and ideas on how to see the cameras? I have the necessary ports forwarded and can access the cameras remotely on my Windows machines just fine [aside from the minor IE issue mentioned earlier. Thoughts on that too?] Hopefully it's just something small and dumb that I'm not doing [rookie mistake?] but, any ideas?
  4. Hello all, I'm new to CCTV systems and have many questions! Digimerge seems to be the systems of choice for my environment (they were there before I got there) and I'm trying to figure out how to use them! I'm not using them in production capacity though, just curious and fascinated.