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  1. eyes-Bevin

    Starlight Camera

    well .sounds like a camera with DSS( Digital slow shutter) function.
  2. eyes-Bevin

    Starlight Camera

    it probably more like NVG, or based on thermal imaging i suppose.
  3. eyes-Bevin

    Help!!, PTZ loose focus

    It's a good one.
  4. eyes-Bevin


    Hi, busboy, Do you mean 50 optical zoom? As i know normally 36X optical zoom with 650TVL is maximum in most ptz cameras. for 700TVL camera are kinda false labeled.
  5. eyes-Bevin

    ICR True Day & Night VS IR LED Camera

    As I know Ir led Camera could have a IR CUT(ICR) Filter. and ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removal) just a piece of filter in front of the CCD module.
  6. eyes-Bevin

    Bevin here

    Sent a PM to you already. " title="Applause" />
  7. eyes-Bevin

    worth buying?

    I didnt know cameras could talk and type. Technology these days.............. Wall-E
  8. eyes-Bevin

    Bevin here

    Hi,everybody , I'm Bevin from China, Professional Manufacturer of zoom cctv cameras(really fast focus). Anyone need those items pls ask me . BTW: i don't supplier low quality stuff.