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  1. kdberg

    Speco CVC-1705 Varifocal Adjustment?

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks.
  2. Got a call asking how to adjust the focal length on the CVC-1705. Speco only has the data sheet on their web site, with no adjustment instructions. Anyone familiar with this camera?
  3. kdberg

    High Res Quad Color Processors?

    All of the cabling is home run to a relay rack, so was already planning on a distribution amplifier. Although the cameras are only 470 tvl, two side by side images would be 940 tvl if there was no information loss. Hence my thought for an 800 tvl image. If I am thinking about this wrong, let me know.
  4. I'm installing a 16 camera DVR based system for a customer, but they also need four of the signals combined into a high quality quad display that will then be driven to three stations a few hundred feet away. The cameras are high res color (470 lines) , and I want to preserve as much of the resolution as possible. Was figuring on using 800 line capable monitors. Looking for recommendations on specific quad processors that will provide good real time 800 line images. Ken
  5. kdberg

    multi-NAT routers / firewalls

    Anyone have experience with the ASUS Internet Security Router (SL1000)?
  6. kdberg

    multi-NAT routers / firewalls

    I actually have an extra Cisco 831 router laying around. Will that work?
  7. kdberg

    multi-NAT routers / firewalls

    It's actually a mix of DVRs, Dedicated Micro DS2 and Kalatel so far. Both have imbedded web servers, and I wanted the user to be able to connect to each via default port 80 as well as being able to use manufacturer specific viewing software.
  8. Installing two DVRs in the same customer location. They already have a single static ip through roadrunner, and will now need to access either dvr remotely over the internet. Looking for recommendation of routers / network appliances with multi-NAT support that will correctly route incoming traffice based upon which static ip address it came in on.
  9. I called DM support a few months back and asked this question, specifically about integrating Digital Sprite and DS2 unit images across multiple DVRs. At the time, they said Network Viewer did not support this, and you had to logoff one unit in order to logon to another. Is there a new SW package that you can point me to? Network Viewer is free, so I suspect you are talking about something else.
  10. kdberg

    XP Pro SP2

    There's a bunch of fixes bundled as well. You can disable the XP firewall without issue.
  11. GE support said that it was a defective CCD and to have the cameras replaced.
  12. kdberg

    Power Supply amps....

    I've wondered that if you are being limited by the max current per output (but not by the total supply current) if it were possible to tie two of the supply outputs together to meet the current demand (assuming of course that the wire guage was suffient for the run).
  13. I have a couple of DM machines at customer sites, and I'm not very impressed by their support. Also, DM remote view software does not support being logged on to more than one unit at a time. This is often a deal breaker for me. If you have a customer with POS systems, the Kalatel units have better integration than any of the others I am aware of.
  14. kdberg

    Kalatel on Ebay

    I've looked at some of these, but in most cases the DVR ended up selling for either more than I could get it for from a legitimate distributor under my VPA, or not enough of a discount to warrant the risk. Do you have a specific example of one you are considering bidding on?