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  1. I have a Coomatec dome camera, and it's working great, however I cannot get it to remember the time setting. I have downloaded the Time Setting application, connect the camera to the PC, long press the button, run the software and click save settings. After this if I connect the camera to the power adapter while the blue LED is on (it stays on after disconnecting the camera from the PC for about 5 seconds), it won't start recording. If I connect it after it switched off, it records, but the time is reset to 1980. How should this work?
  2. Hello, I use tenvis JPT3815W PT. My config is: 1. Win7 2. Firefox 12.0 (and IE alternative) My questions are: 3. What are differences at software between IE and firefox? 4. How can I use the features from IE in Firefox? (Timestamp,record over bottome, audio, multiscreen) 5. How can I set and store „Preset“? That is for me very importent! Best regards Arndt Knorr