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    Digi-IT DIT-4 4CH

    Not a problem.
  2. francisuk22

    Digi-IT DIT-4 4CH

    Yes, They sent me an email from Digi-IT Inc with the program and drivers Also the drivers for compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit drivers, The following cards supported: 16ch Audio Capture Card BHP4000 DIT-Pro DIT-1200Pro,2400Pro,4800Pro,4800ProEx DIT-2400-32S DIT-2400HPro DIT-2400UPro DIT-4,4Pro,300,600,1200,2400 DIT-4800UPro DIT-9600 Download Mirrors (They are all the same but they get delete afther X days) http://ge.tt/6DYmaXU/v/0?c http://www.maxmirror.com/download/Q4JU0ILN If you need them re-uploading then just give me a shout
  3. Back Garden SNC-RH124 Here an demo image of me zooming into my local train station from my flat on an Sony IPELA SNC-RH124 Network camera 2 Megapixel / 10x high quality optical zoom Zoomed out 5x Zoomed 10x Zommed Image was taken about 3:33AM but will upload more in the daytime, Happy new year guys! Zoomed out 3x zoomed 6x 6x 8x - Lift sign Image was taken about 4PM and getting into darkish but will upload more in the daytime when i have time Again Happy new year guys!
  4. http://www.abelcam.org/en/cameras This belongs to abelcam server when people list theres for free. Alots of them have IP cams. Ok Heres mine Door Intercom Door - Axis M1104
  5. Dos anyone know where i can get a trial license from for 2 cams?
  6. Do they have a android app? Only if my Swann supported zoom! but it dos Pan (up down left right) but hoping in the next few weeks ill be getting upgrading. love to see a MOBOTIX HD on one of theses e.g yummm!
  7. Thanks for that recommended website. Just giving it a try now. Theres LOADS of software out there that are good, However they dont support the pelco cameras with RS-485/PTZ support but saying that, ZoneMinder http://www.zoneminder.com is free and configged via a web browser but with Linux is a touch and go with DVR Cards!
  8. Heres some software i have tryed out that might help you (the past few years) 1) iCatcher Console been using this for about a year now with 2 monitors pci capture card, Features i like is it has good motion detection with a + when the motion is set off and also shows you how many FPS with the time and date stamped. HOWEVER the software is pricey as you talking about: but if your wiling to spend 2 Cameras £139.95 and the max they do is 32 Cameras £799 I would recommend it but before you decided anything give the 21 trial ago as some people have reported that they get slow fps from it but the way to get around that is: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=32497 Website: http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/products/console.html - Also before i decided to buy iCatcher, I was using WebcamXP is a good DVR but sadly it dont support RS-485/PTZ serial port feature. but cost £82 for a pro license. 2) H264 WebCam http://www.h264soft.com I had a test at this but unforchantly the alerts to my email address wasn't going thought and i ditched this but nice software! Also no RS-485/PTZ serial port feature another reason why i didnt buy it 3) Same with http://www.abelcam.com but this is for more like IP Cams again no RS-485/PTZ serial port suppot. However you can get a software called PTZ controller from http://www.serialporttool.com/PTZ.htm thats dos the job but not remotely PTZ. I am also willing to try out more software if anyone has any however it has to be remotely RS-485/PTZ serial port.
  9. I had the same problem over LAN! with an 10Mbits upload speed from my ISP (Cable) I have 1x PCI Video Capture Card and a USB PS3 Eye Camera. However i got a higher fps doing this My System uses about 43% CPU and 212MB RAM on a: Intel P4 3.00GHz 512MB RAM 2TB SATA HDD PCI Video Capture Card - 25fps@768x268 PS3 Eye Camera - 30fps@800x600
  10. francisuk22

    PC Based NVR

    totally agree with you i still got mine on a P4 HT 3.00GHz with 512MB RAM
  11. for windows try drivermax http://www.innovative-sol.com/drivermax and it might define your card. If not try zoneminder, Someone on the the forum has posted a pre-install ubuntu desktop edition so you can try before you install http://www.zoneminder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=18782
  12. I found remote desktop can be very laggy, that's why i attend to go for a HTTP server
  13. francisuk22

    video capture card

    WebcamXP works for me as it provides one source Free http://www.webcamxp.com/products.aspx but the downside is that you will have webcamxp as a watermark on the bottom left. If your willing to go for webcamXP Private for 45 euros then you can remove the watermark and put in some useful into like CPU and RAM and how many users are connect/viewing the live feed. Also you can have up to 5 sources and also if you have an android phone you can download ip cam viewer lite it works great also webcamxp don't offer PTZ this is why i don't use this software no more, However if you have a network cam with PTZ functions then this is what you after, If not then i would go for this software called i-Cacher what offers me auto tracking (the camera can move to follow movement through a monitored area) but is very pricey 139.95 pounds but main companys use this software like Dominos and KFC http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/products/studies/DominosCS.pdf
  14. whats the use for theses? wildlife? security? I have a pico 2000 chinese copyed card (Digi-IT DIT-4) 4CH viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31506 that gives me 1 video channel, Also use this software from icode http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/products works with 6fps and supports iPhone and andorid For PTZ i got a 9 pin RS-232 to RS-485 Interface on ebay for £1.49
  15. iCatcher Go is now available for Android and iPhone, For them people who use this software. Android just got released not long ago so is not on there website. http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/pro/ Android - 69p https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.icode.icatcherdroid Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - £11.99 itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icatcher-go/id323870805?mt=8