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  1. I am taking over a bunch of sites in these areas and I am looking for subcontractor that can run service calls for me as needed. Axis cameras and Cradlepoint router experience would be nice. Email me at cav_comm@yahoo.com if interested
  2. Looking for the best and easiest brand BNC connectors . What do you like ?
  3. Have a client up north that purchased a house near key west , any Hik guys down that way?
  4. Can anyone refer me to a solid cloud storage service?
  5. Not really, Just use SADP for HIK then add them to Avigilon What's SADP ?
  6. Hi I think everyone is giving up on hikvision.... But since you have hiks already installed and you might have Tvi hiks then look at the new range from dahua ..... They now sell hybrid cameras .... Not. As in recorder ... But as in camera.... All cameras are analog or cvi or tvi. No need to buy a format type the camera detects the format of the recorder and as from next month all cameras will be all in one cvi Tvi analog and IP Thanks Tom I am going to research them now.
  7. And I use Avigilon with HIK without any problem That would be a great setup with my opinion the best software with the best Bang for the buck cameras, if I try this setup anything I need to know?
  8. I have a DS-9632NI-I8 that has major delay when viewing over IVMS, the client computer is on the same Lan and is new and high powered, cat6 cabling throughout with about 20 cameras , I have tried everything Hikvision has told me to do, what happens is when we bring up the cameras in Ivms it works fine but after time delay will start to buils and the cameras can be as much ad 30-40-60 seconds off from one another, same with the delay. The cameras connect to a 24 port Hikvision switch, that switch is connected to another switch all on gigabit ports, I also have a 32 port ST nvr next door which connects to same switch over fiber and that those cameras seem to be fine all with in a second or 2 from one another, all nvrs and cameras have latest firmware. I have lowered the I rate on the cameras to match the frame rate , im out of Ideas and will be swapping the nvr out soon.
  9. I have had a lot of issues with this brand, I love the price and camera selection but Im not sure its worth the headaches. I use avigilon and axis for my premier brand and Hikvision for my entry level , anyone got another brand in the same price range that has had good luck with?
  10. Have a client that wants his site to be monitored during off hours.
  11. Good idea Tom , I don't install any new analog stuff just repair and sometimes a Hikvision ip over analog to use there existing wiring.
  12. I'm tired of fighting these BNC connectors , I don't do much analog 95% ip cameras. Can I just use f connectors with a bnc adapter? This kind that the f connector screws into after you have compressed a f conn on?
  13. is it possible that the new cameras are DC and the old were AC? If so it will fry the new cameras, ask me how I know
  14. Make sure that enter DNS entry on your NVR Can you be more specific I'm not understanding what you mean? Thank you I got it I did not have the dns server set to Thanks again
  15. Make sure that enter DNS entry on your NVR Can you be more specific I'm not understanding what you mean? Thank you