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  1. Dipol_CCTV

    cctv cables

    30m is nothing for video transmission over coax. Triset coax cable can reach 600m or more - Ive checked myself. If it is an IP camera, then You apply the same rules that You do in LAN - 100m for UTP.
  2. By recording triggers You mean to have some kind of an icon/OSD on the screen saying that doors are opened/closed etc? What does CCTV have to do with it? any picture should be recorded as well or just a log from the sensors? If analogue would suffice, Id say go for a mobile DVR with alarm inputs: http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_show.asp?id=6110 If there should be HD picture, I'd say he should consider something else - perhaps a separate log/video system - it might be cheaper. If a list of his demands is big, I'd recommend to look for some talented programmer and ask him to help to create a special app on android platform for example and to integrate whole thing on a tablet. It might be the best choice considering customization that is desired.
  3. Dipol_CCTV

    residential cctv with ip

    I'd say that You should invest in analogue DVR + analogue cameras. This way You'll be able to see preview via internet (also phone apps dedicated to each DVR) and You'll have a guarantee that system will be stable. Using IP cameras would be better, but it might be more expensive to buy a system that will have all the functionality You desire.
  4. Dipol_CCTV

    IE9 and my China Brand DVR

    I believe that turning on 'compatibility view' will solve the problem It is that torn sheet of paper icon next to address.
  5. Dipol_CCTV

    MY PTZ camera wont work

    There are two major things You need to set in camera before it will spin. Address also called ID, and protocol (not only the name, but also baudrate, parity, ....). Those things You configure both in camera (dip switches) and in DVR. Then You connect RS + and - accordingly.
  6. Dipol_CCTV

    12V IR Illuminators..

    Well, I am working with cameras for a few years now, and I can say that IR is IR. There should be no need to specify any more details. The wavelength however might or might not be visible by human eye. there are two types of illuminators on the market: 850nm wavelength - visible by human eye 940nm invisible from some distance, but when You get closer, it will be seen. As for power consumption, it depends on the LED used in device. Most powerfull IR illuminator we have now is 10W power consumption. (90m range). Same range 940nm consumes more power than 850nm.
  7. Dipol_CCTV

    CCTV with different infra-red frequency?

    Does Your camera have ICR (mechanically removable IR cut filter)? Camera might just turn to b/w but it does not mean the filter is off. Also what is the range from IR illuminator to the point of observation and what is the range from this point to camera?
  8. Dipol_CCTV

    Hard drive upgrade advice please

    Check Your DVR possibilities first! Check if its Sata or ATA connector. Then You should consider buying HDD> Seagate or WD would be my choice. Also Id go for CCVT dedicated series. If You get 4 days for 160GB, then You need 4,25*160 to get 14 days. In short - look for 1TB HDD. If You DVR requires ATA HDD, it might be a good idea to change it to new one. Not just because HDD is hard to find, but also because the quality of recordings might be questionable. 8ch DVR's nowadays deliver good quality with reasonable price.
  9. Well, for me it quite obvious. While the cable was cut, tool that did that was a conductor and it made a short circuit between power and video lines. This caused 12V go to motherboard and simply fried IC. To check it simply take video plug form channel that works OK, and connect it to ch4. If there is still no picture, it means the problem is with DVR.
  10. Dipol_CCTV

    16 CH DVR Recommendation

    I used to deal with Aver NVR's and hybrid sollutions. Now, for your described installation, I'd say You should look into SIGANL. Its possible You find all You'd like in this device.
  11. Dipol_CCTV

    What makes a camera do this?

    Id say few factorm may be a reason. First I'd look if ICR (if it has one) is not damaged. Second, I'd blame settings - reset should help. If not, hardware (sensor or DSP) is broken.
  12. It might, but I guess the real problem is with placing the camera. Its just not the good spot. And no enhancing algorithms will be able to render 100% good image. I'd say You should look for new place to mount it and also ifYou consider looking for a new cam, day n night porpoise, ICR is a must.
  13. Dipol_CCTV

    HIKVISION DS7204-HVI-ST FTP backup

    As far as I am aware, this option was not possible in this model. In general, automatic external backup without user command was considered a security threat and was never applied to most DVR's. How much would You like to back up? Whole day or just some parts?
  14. Dipol_CCTV

    covert drive monitoring

    Recording from inside rises a problem. At night, when most sittuations ahppen, Zou should have IR illuminator beaming on the location. If its from inside, it will reflect from window and picture will be unclear. Id recommend discrete vandal proof cameras outside. ICR and IR are mandatory. Add DVR, HDD, some coax cable, monitor and power adaptors and You have a system.
  15. Dipol_CCTV

    Outdoor cctv-system

    I see the post has been submitted a while ago, but I guess there are some people that might read it,so: 1. For outdoor use You should use vandal proof, ICR and IR illuminator camera. Its not so hard to find one. 2. PoE is for IP cameras, but You consider analogue. For analogue You can use power over coax. Or if the distance is not too long, You can just use regular 12VDC power adaptor. Id also make sure that at least one camera is visible - You can scare away any potential intruders just by having cctv. Its presence factor is often underestimated.