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  1. Success!!! I created a new gmail without a "dot" in the name....dedicated only to the cctv system Set up to forward all messages to my primary email. now works like a charm.... Regards Paddy
  2. I have a Sannce DK H61E (basic H.264 recorder) with 4 channel hook up.. It has been working quite well. My internet connection is through a 3/4G router ( no hardwire connection). 1)When I try to test my email I am getting a "Sender's Mailbox is illegal", is this because my email is made up of 2parts separate with a "dot" ( eg: xxxx.yyyy@gmail.com)??? This is my regular email format and I never have a problem??? 2) as the outbound setting, should a create a new email dedicated for the cctv system??? 3)I assume the "inbound" is the list of receivers... I have the same problem if I use an email with a 2part separated by a "dot"! any advice?? Thanks Paddy