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  1. Hello, I have a 22" Orion Monitor model 22RTV, I got into the menus and activated the "Key Lock Feature", I don't have the Owner's Manual so I don't know how to turn it off, can somebody help me please. Thank You.
  2. manolo1956

    Split CCtv Cable to new monitor

    You say you have nine cameras, so if you are using a DVR or even some Multiplexers, each camera input usually has a camera "loop out", meaning that you can connect a monitor directly to this output, no need for a splitter or a T connector. The loop out connector is below each input jack.
  3. To all: Sanyo came out with a report on the surface temp: "1) Generally, the amount of heat generated has been increased, due to having sophisticated functions and multi streaming functions. 2) Due to reducing the size of the camera, there is no space for heat dissipation inside the camera, therefore, by dissipating the internal heat to external body of the camera, the temperature of the whole camera is balanced and the heat is reduced." 3) they go into more detail, just wanted to let you know that its normal, you also see the same issue on the Sanyo VCC-2XXX Series.