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  1. Bosch makes the best cameras on the market for image quality and long term use. They are slow to market with new technology but when they release something it has been R&D to meet the highest quality standard. HD: http://stna.resource.bosch.com/documents/Data_sheet_enUS_9007201729491595.pdf Best outdoor camera made but is is analog. We just installed several in a high security location and the security director loved the 36Xzoom and the low light ability of the camera http://stna.resource.bosch.com/documents/Data_sheet_enUS_18014400835618955.pdf Most IP camera systems will allow you to web browse into the camera to view and control the cameras. Also you can install a SD video card on most of the cameras you are looking at so the camera can have video storage. You could also look at EarthCam if you need someone to design and provide tech support for this project. http://www.earthcam.com/
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    Help sought in selecting standalone NVR

  3. Exaq Tech does not give you full control over the Sony-RZ30N. I use thier systems but i had to use a Milstone system to record some existing cameras a custom had.
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    Need's some advice! Desperately!

    A couple of the new Bosch Advantage line cameras are OEMed by CNB And yes if you have Bosch cameras you dont want send them my way.
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    Need's some advice! Desperately!

    Soundy: We should start another thred with Pros and Cons of Embeded DVR vs PC/Capture card and then one for IP vs Analog. For this guy working on a budget keep your legacy wire, replace cameras as needed, use a DVR that offers a 3 year warranty and use IR mini domes for any new camera install. This will be a budget friendly system that will last. The cameras and DVR's i use for this type of system are the Bosch advantage line. The below tools will help. You will spend a little more upfront but you will 5 years from now you will be happy you used this stuff. http://stna.resource.bosch.com/documents/Quick_Selection_Guide_enUS_4343403403.pdf http://www2.boschsecurity.us/advantageline_tool/
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    Long-Range Wireless Camera

    the 2.4 camera should work fine. You will get some distortion in the picture but if all you need to do is check in on a loved one than this should work fine.
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    cctv sending wireless to another TV

    You can use something like this. it depends on what camera you are using and what connectors you have. if it is a BNC just google T spliter and BNC to RCA. you can find the parts at your local Radio Shck to connect the camera to the RF system. http://www.amazon.com/Terk-Technologies-Leapfrog-LF-30S-Distribution/dp/B00009UHXR
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    Long-Range Wireless Camera

    This is easy if you have a large budget but most home systems are limited by budget. You need a wireless network between the two houses. http://www.avalanwireless.com/ The best option for homes will be something that uses GSM/Cell technology and you will have a montlly fee. Find someone that offers this http://homesecurity.honeywell.com/ If you do it yourself there is a lot of thought that needs to go into what Freq to use.
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    ARM Electronics any good?

    i have used some Arm Electronics for one of my customers. They seem to be pretty happy with the system but i did have a DVR fail at about 2 years. Since i am a dealer Arm sent me a replacement at not cost. i would search for Bosch Advantage Line products. They are a little more costly but are a much better product. http://stna.resource.bosch.com/documents/Catalog_enUS_7630421643.pdf
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    Please help me to find the best solution

    http://www.comnet.net/ this is the best Fiber CCTV products on the market. They offer a lifetime warranty on most of the products. The guy who started the company was the brians behind IFS. They also will give you desing help if you contact them. They should be able to give you a certified installer in your area. There are to many variables that need to be addressed to design this system without seeing the site.
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    Storage for Live Viewing for IP System

    Milestone is a very good VMS. http://www.milestonesys.com/ Most other VMS's on the market are based of their design or ONSSI. Milestone does have an entry level option but it is limited to 16 cameras the last time I purchased it they call it Essentials. For a 300 camera system you need to be certified with them. Getting certified requires their approval and you need to send people to a week long training class that cost a couple thousand dollars each person when you include room and meals. They will only approve you if you can provide proof that you have the technical background in IT to complete an Enterprise class systems. The good news is if you get certified they will design a system of this size at no cost for you. One common mistake for people new to this size system is that you need a camera license per camera with this class VMS. Depending on your level with your vendor you will pay around $100.00 per license. 300 camera license at $100.00 each is $30,000 and this is how a lot of new guys lose money on IP systems. You do not need storage for live view but you would need a window open for each camera and you would web brose into them. If you want multiple cameras to be viewed at the same time on one screen you need some type of control system. All new Axis cameras will hold up to a 32MB SD card. If you are under 16 cameras Axis has a free software that will allow you to control the cameras and store video locally. Axis also has a hook in their software that will allows a NAS for more storage on their free system. http://www.axis.com/products/cam_companion_software/index.htm I mean no harm in saying this but with a 300 IP camera system you might need some help. You will need a closed network, managed switches that allow muti-casting, servers, cat6 or fiber and everything will need to meet https://www.bicsi.org/Default.aspx standard. I have seen a few guys lose a ton of money jumping into a system like this without the proper support.
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    Non-traditional usage for CCTV (looking for help and ideas)

    Parts List for basic video camera to TV. Camera: VDC-250F04-20 Good image for the money and it has an on board menu that changes to B/W only. Without knowing how far away the camera will be from what you want to broadcast it is hard to tell you what lens so this is a wide angle lens. Camera Power: UPA-2450-60 Use 18/2 wire for the power. Video cable: NV-215J-M Qty 2 & find a cat5 patch cord whatever length you want. You can find cheaper but the NVT will hold up to connecting & disconnecting over and over. You could use coax instead of this set up but cat 5 is much easier to handle and easy to replace at any electronic store. From NVT to RCA on TV: http://www.samash.com/p/Hosa_NB271%20BNC%20Female%20to%20RCA%20Male%20Video%20Adapter_-49981398?cm_mmc=Froogle-_-Adapters/Transformers-_-NB271%20BNC%20Female%20to%20RCA%20Male%20Video%20Adapter-_-HNBR271&gclid=CObi-eCxiLECFcHb4Aod2TNPDw I used a set up like this just a higher level camera to broadcast in a church so they could see services in the basement on a HD TV. This is not an HD option but it worked well for the limited budget they had.
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    License Plate Camera Situation and Recommendation

    http://www.ipconfigure.com/support_documentation/datasheets-brochures/LPR-Data-v1.pdf You could always upgrade to this system. The software was invented on a college campus here in VA. This is a color camera not an IR system so you need white light to capture plates at night. This is usually a long term goal for campuses. I have a few colleges that I work with and we are working towards this as a campus wide system. I only put this on here to show what technology is out there. I talk to IT or maintenance directors all the time who have had security thrown in their lap with no budget or plan.
  14. Rockvilleash1976

    License Plate Camera Situation and Recommendation

    http://video.boschsecurity.us/video/REG-X-Close-Range-License-Plate-Camera/63f729e6d9b85b4d7488aee1c642b62d The image should be blacked out and there are no adjustments. If you followed the distance and angle and it looks like you did then you have another issue. Check voltage to camera. I recomend 24 Volt power supply you can go 28 volt on longer runs. If the camera has been running at low voltage it might be damaged beyond repair. Check connection on coax it should be 1 volt peak to peak If your live image looks good and your recorded image is poor then you most likley have an issue with the recorder. upgrade to this if your recorder is bad. This is a very basic but solid recorder with remote view options. Set it to 2CIF, 15IPS, Best res. DVR‑451‑04A050 I would also add a color camera so if youo do miss the plate you have an image of the car. This is a good camera for the money. VDI-245V03-2 If you cant get a second wire out to the camera location you can use a dual video over coax solution like this. http://www.foresight-cctv.com/VDS.htm
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    Need's some advice! Desperately!

    In theory these cameras work the same. They both have a lens, video card of some sort and send video out over copper. only one of them will be found on military ships. http://stna.resource.bosch.com/documents/Data_sheet_enUS_18014400835923979.pdf Not this. http://www.cctvwholesalers.com/product_p/kg-ir40c.htm