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  1. badgcoupe

    Dahua firmware

    Anyway the OP could keep the first post with all firmware files linked?
  2. Hello all, I have a Dahua/Milestone system setup in my place and now that I've recouped from the costs of the initial installation I am looking to get some sort of dedicated monitoring tablet to use around the house. I was thinking of using an older android tablet seeing they are extremely affordable all over the net. Does/has anyone done something like this? Any tips or things I should think about before purchasing as far as specs go? Thanks much!
  3. Disable audio on it and it should work fine. I had the same issue with mine, disable audio, video stream is fine.
  4. May I know which version Milestone Xprotect you are using to test your Dahua cameras? Xprotect Go??? or Essential??? Milestone Xprotect only support 1 model of Dahua camera, and that is the IP-HF3300P or a PAL version. This is a 3MP camera, did you have 4 units of 3MP cameras tested using MS Xprotect at your home. Also what is your Core i5 CPU usage in terms of % = 10% or 30 %??? when doing live monitoring on 4 x 3MP cameras + software motion detection is enabled in MS Xprotect on 4 cameras? Your answers is much appreciated. Thanks. I am using xProtect essential with software side motion detection. It utilizes about 25% of the processor (according to task manager.) I am running 3 1.3MP bullets and a 2MP bullet style camera. When live viewing it jumps up to about 35-40%. I'd say the biggest bottleneck in my system is the conventional mechanical 7200RPM hard disks. The only time I notice any speed issues is when reviewing motion detected footage in the monitor application. I'm not sure about the support for the 3MP but I would assume ONVIF would cover that with Milestone, they seem to do well supporting ONVIF supported devices. I started with the trial to ensure before I bought anything.
  5. I just installed 4 Dahua's at my home and after trying Milestone, Avigilon, Exacq, Blueiris I settled with milestone. It was rock solid in my testing, the price was right, their mobile client has been solid (aside from initially setting it up,) and the server side motion detection works well. It is a bit of a CPU hog but on a Core i5 with 8GB RAM it's barely noticeable. The only time I notice it is on startup after a reboot or something. I really liked the Avigilon software but unfortunately Dahua's motion detection is not supported... (yet, speaking with the tech folks at Avigilon they said if Dahua gets up to the latest version of ONVIF it should be supported.)
  6. badgcoupe

    I need a lot of advice!

    I have to know, what exactly do you mean by this? Does he drive a truck around in the mud? Fling it like a pig? Sorry I can't opine on the cameras, but your neighbor sounds interesting. My wife was watching some garbage show on TLC and I saw this on it.
  7. badgcoupe

    switch thoughts

    I work in IT and have a plethora of gigabit switches at my disposal, an oversight on my part. My apologies. In the case you already have a switch it made sense for me. What do you mean by "full power" PoE switches?
  8. When can we expect Dahua to upgrade to the latest ONVIF specifications? I ask because I just setup a security system at my home and have been testing multiple NVR software solutions. I'm totally sold on Avigilon but the lack of motion detection really sucks. I'm not familiar with the industry and am trying to gauge how long it will take to conform to the latest standards on Dahua's part. Thanks all!
  9. badgcoupe

    switch thoughts

    For what it's worth, after some research I ended trying one of those PoE injectors and after a week of testing on some Dahua cameras it is still performing just fine. Unless I'm missing something those things are a great way to save some serious cash on a layer 2 PoE enabled switch especially if you are using more than 4 ports.
  10. badgcoupe

    switch thoughts

    Thanks hardwired!
  11. badgcoupe

    switch thoughts

    Can I ask someone to take a look at what I linked above and tell me if it will work for me?
  12. badgcoupe

    switch thoughts

    Has anyone messed with these "multiport PoE injectors?" Any thoughts to save a few bucks on a switch? I was going to pick one up but it looks like its configured to run in passive PoE vs active. I was also confused what power supply to get. http://beyond-wifi.com/poe/
  13. Hi all, Same old story here, residential customer trying to save a few bucks doing the install myself trying to figure out WTF is up with this industry. Through my many calls I have stumbled across a company named "Onix." Specs all look good, prices look even better but I can't seem to find anything about them online. Anyone have any opinions on this brand? I was pretty set on an ACTi TCM-1231 but then this company as well as a handful of other suggestions have come up from local companies. Thanks!