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    Looking for DVR Firmware Upgrade

    Is this only at night? If it is dark and the headlights of a passing car light an area of your motion sensing region the DVR will interpret this as movement. The DVR is looking for one of the pixels in that region to change. No it happens more in the day time than night time. Actually, I have disabled night time alarms to be emailed as most of the time I am home anyway.
  2. sparkie951

    Looking for DVR Firmware Upgrade

    Other Images: Thanks in advance.
  3. I recently installed a standalone, 16 Channel DVR that is basically a generic no name brand. It is listed as a model number DVR4016. Inside the menus, it has an area for Firmware Upgrade, so it seems that there would be something out there to support this. Inside the unit is a sticker that simply is stated as follows: The unit I have supports 16 cameras and 2 2TB Hard Drives (which I have totally out at 4TB, and 16 cameras) which I purchased on EBAY, which may have been a mistake, but for the most part has been working very well. I have a couple issues with the unit, and a wishlist item: 1.) When searching for video, but advance 1 hour. (Example: if I want to search from 09:30 to 10:00, then I must enter 10:30 to 11:00 2.) Motion detection area seems to pick up motion outside the defined area. My manual says to high light the area to monitor, but that seems opposite. Every time a car passes my house I get a motion detect email. 3.) Wish List item, would like to see built in NTP service to be able to connect to automatically set the clock on a scheduled basis. See attachment for images. Any assistance or advise would be highly appreaciated.