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  1. Sulfuric_Acid

    PT camera

    Hello, i have elp-p0802 camera, i can't figure out the control interface to use it, it has 6 wires - Green, White, Grey, Black, Yellow and Red.
  2. Sulfuric_Acid

    PTZ cameras.

    Hello, i am thinking of buying 2 ptz cameras, i would like to know how can i connect them to my dvr, it only has 1 rs 245 port.
  3. Sulfuric_Acid

    DVR with android support

    Hello, i would like your advice in purchasing a dvr, that i can view from my android phone. I searched the web and found: http://www.lorextechnology.com/Security-digital-video-recorders-and-security-dvr-systems-%7C-LOREX/8-channel-Eco-digital-video-surveillance-recorder-/prod180003.p Is it any good, and, maybe you can suggest a better one ? Kaspars