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  1. Ubiquity nano will do it
  2. lewis770

    DDNS providers

    I'm using no-ip With my own domain So you're costumer using your website domain addres
  3. lewis770

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    I have been trying the new vms for few months and it's horrible software! I terms of responsiveness, the new options are great, layout and new playback, but it's very unmature and buggy !
  4. lewis770

    CCTV in elevator help

    I installed many elevators wirelessly with ubiquity m5 Radio, works fine with 3 mp cameras
  5. lewis770

    Access control brands

    I install meny Geovision accsess control systems Very easy to work with, mostly stable
  6. I dong understand way its a problem? As long you got the time stamp on the video.. are you looking for a 100 giga byte file?
  7. lewis770

    Static & Line Bars

    You can repalec the video balun with twired pair ground loop isolator, its can improve the pic, also dobule up the pairs for video, use 2 pairs for video and 2 for power
  8. Yes, still runing but not so Reliable
  9. Cat 6 with signal buster will do the job
  10. lewis770

    Wireless Bridge for DVR

    I did the same setup with http://www.data-alliance.net/servlet/-strse-273/NanoBridge-5GHz-25dBi-Ubiquiti/Detail Working very good