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  1. Hi everyone We are going to cctv but in phases. Initially viewing only (no recording) is sufficient 4 our needs. So we either go for analog (mux) setup or a standalone dvr (No hdd). We must take into consideration that in the next phase of cctv deloyment we will be implementing recording and cctv central administration (video management software), so the 1st cctv phase must be ready for the next implementation. What system will have the lowest total cost of ownership (tco) of the cctv project. fyi, we already have a full local area network (LAN). We are considering DVTel but its hardware encoders (to be connected to each analog cameras) will cost much. I am thinking by using a standalone (or PCbased) dvr the encoders will not be necessary. Is this possible? If so than what Video Management Software can support the most standalone (or PC based dvr) . Can a video management software support (aside from IP cams) dvrs? What is the most flexible management software? Please advise.