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  1. Just sent it to you. Hope Gmail accepts it at your end can be funny about zip, rar or exe files Let me know.
  2. Yes its in a rar file. PM me or post up your email and ill send it on to you.
  3. I got it from these people SHENZHEN PROFESSIONAL SECURITY TECHNOLOGY Co It just wont upload, just keeps trying to load and it goes nowhere, guess there is a cap on attachment size.
  4. I have got the firmware for this unit. I haven't flashed the old unit yet, to be honest im a bit nervous about doing it. The instructions show that a warning pops up when updating that you can brick it, not making me very optimistic. I tried to attach to this post but it wont let me
  5. itsfuzzy

    Generic DVR password reset

    Really thanks a million. Thats the one. Thanks to everyone who took the time out to reply. You have all really got me out of a hole.
  6. itsfuzzy

    Generic DVR password reset

    Thanks for the responses guys. Here are a few more pics. Might jog some bodys memory. I ll check the Qsee site
  7. Try this link, its a generic viewer. Your anti virus may block. Well avast does , so add it to exceptions and then run http://www.2shared.com/file/Xs-w-QPV/DVRemoteDesktop.html
  8. I have had the misfortune to use this model just this week. I got it from my supplier here in Ireland It was a piece of junk. 1. No instruction manual, set up guide , software cd , no literature of any description. 2. DVR will not record on motion, set up and save for motion and nothing, if you use schedule it wont record either, return dvr to always record and it works straight away. 3. Spot out monitor is not getting a display. 4. No option to set up other user id other than user 1 ( normally called admin, but on this its just 1) 5. Wont change from region Asia. 6. Network function is seriously messed up.I went to Setup and configured all network settings, connect via IE on windows xp , can see options for viewing with IE, software downloads etc, but then wont actually download dvr viewing software from dvr just hangs. Try to view via IE ,crashes IE repeatedly. Wont connect via iphone/android with h264 viewer. When you are trying to connect an IE symbol show up on the dvr display but thats as far as it goes, no connection is made. These are the suppliers from china. But they dont seem to have a firmware update , and i badly need it. www.chinapst.com
  9. Not sure if this is the correct location or not for this type of post I have a client that took over a service station and they wanted the dvr networked for remote view. It is a 16 ch standalone, unbranded , no make or model codes, just states H264 dvr There was a print out that stated user: admin password: 123456, but that does not work. Ive tried all the usual combos and nothing. I took out the board battery for 24hrs now and it has reset the time etc, but it is still looking for Admin password. The model code on the board is SDVR-611N V1.0., google cant even help. Any help would be great.
  10. Im a computer and network technician from Dublin. My work with cctv is always on the networking of dvrs and ive been doing that for many years now. Im hoping i can help people out here with any networking questions. I also come across many many different brands or unbranded dvrs on my travels and im hoping i can get help here with them. With businesses closing or changing hands very quickly here, unknown admin passwords are the order of the day when i do a job and it can be very time consuming and it get old very quickly, so i was hoping i can get help here with that!