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  1. Jeffkelvin34

    Axis P1346-E

    So do you think the M1114 is a better camera?
  2. Jeffkelvin34

    Axis P1346-E

    I would have to get the images when I get back to the office Monday. We also have security lights around the building so there isn't complete darkness.
  3. I agree... I have some Axis 211s that have been in direct sunlight (in a housing) without a fan for 5 years and have not had a problem. I'm in SW Florida.
  4. I guess I just want to express how impressed I am with these. The picure is great and very wide! I installed 6 of these for around the building and can see EVERYTHING clearly! I have an extra one that I didn't need if anyones interested. Probably ask $900ish . Classifieds won't let me post for some reason.
  5. Jeffkelvin34

    DVR System suggestions

    Do they not have an ActiveX for Mac? Sorry but I've never used anything besides a windows based OS to view cameras.
  6. Jeffkelvin34

    20+ camera hybrid system

    I personally like the HikVision hybrids.
  7. Jeffkelvin34

    Lenel Video Report extraction

    Sure. Are you familiar with Crystal? You can make a custom report for anything but I thought they already had one built for that. You can also set it to email someone when a camera goes out.
  8. Jeffkelvin34

    Reader Access Mode in LENEL

    Do you have them set up as a primary and alternate readers or are they set like 2 seperate doors?
  9. Jeffkelvin34

    Wifi IP megapixel cameras

    Yea, I don't think your going to get a wireless MP camera without spending the $.
  10. That looks like a very similar example.
  11. Jeffkelvin34

    price check please

    I would say move on to another company.
  12. I'm not sure of all the details but I would use 1" ridgid and make sure it was anchored securely. Also, they make pendants for most cameras that are threaded on the top. If thats an option you can just use that instead of a box and screw right into the pendant. Put some thread seal on and your good to go. But thats just my 2 cents.
  13. Jeffkelvin34

    UL listing of cameras

    When did Miami-Dade start doing this? While they were always difficult when it came to fire alarm, I never remember having to get CCTV inspected (this was a couple years ago).
  14. While it's not a camera, Immervision is supposedly coming out with a 3 megapixel lens later this year (according to one of their sales staff).