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  1. I already use the full version of BI. But it only gives me uptime of what it sees. To discover the root cause i must see if the camera have indeed reset or just lost connection. Thanks !
  2. Talking specifically of these DS-2CD2332-I 3MP cams. Im having random reboots thru the day and i would like to check if they´re really reseting themselves or the problem is on the network side of things. Thanks.
  3. Douglaster

    Dahua firmware

    If you do not believe, then why write in the forum? And if you have a TTL-RS232, then what are the problems with the update? The camera models you also have not written !!! Because the camera is behind firewall and other networks appliances that will difficult the process. Because some of the camera are way to high in the ceiling Its all 3200
  4. Douglaster

    Dahua firmware

    Share this IPC, and i''l see what is it, especially Russian I dont believe its possible, but i will try !
  5. Douglaster

    Dahua firmware

    I may have asked this already, but: - I have 2 Dahuas, one with the Qsee firmware and the other with some russian firmware. Problem is, they´re both old already, and i CANT update their firmware because it always or reset the camera or the config tool simply cant update them. Is there a way to upgrade without the jtag/serial mode ? Thanks.
  6. Great success my friends ! The Cam is back online (and in english) I was using a digicap.dav without some part in it (10MB, while the correct had 18MB) Thanks for the help of everyone ! " title="Applause" />
  7. PC IP = & firewall is down & 21 port on PC is free IPC IP = Then power is on, IPC try to access 21 port to IP several second, if not then load firmware. If you have no problem with it, your TFTP recover will success. If you have hardware problem then open your IPC and check it!!! Thanks for the help ! Ill double check every item !
  8. Boot loader in any case not overwritten, so do not fool all of the head and quietly restores using TFTP. I have the same camera, I did it many times. Recover always works automatically !!! Perhaps you have a different problem, what are you silent probably !!! Hi there ITuneDVR, This is the problem, i let the camera sit idle for 1 hour connected to the TFTP and nothing happened ! I believe the power loss broke something. Im waiting for the rs232 ttl adapter to arrive to test this. Thanks.
  9. But its possible to inject the firmware thru the uart ?
  10. Hi there my friends. I stupidly tried to switch this camera firmware yesterday (the old chinese firmware problem) and ended bricking it . Tried the TFTP recovery method and right when it was uploading the firmware file a lightning struck and eletricity shut off After punching the wall several times (and the energy got on again) i start the camera and it simply dont ping anymore. Cant access it thru telnet Cant access it thru ethernet Is the Uart Rs232 my only option now ? anyone know the pinout and method to recover it ? the camera just keeps there with its PIR light on. If anyone can help i appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. I´ve been using BI for two straight years. I´ve tried numerous vms and nothing to date beat BI in features and price tag.
  12. Thank you so much. i did the easy way but with my newest camera´s firmware. Worked flawlessly.
  13. Do they work with the DS-2CD3332-I ?
  14. Can you share it with us, please ? (the one that work with the 2CD3332-I)