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  1. Thanks for your answer ! I disabled the auto reboot because I thought it was cause of the problem, but it isn't.....
  2. Check (and change if needed) IPV6 address of nvr and cameras. If identical then there might be a problem of conflict. Also, create and use a different account (reusable) to allow nvr to connect to cameras (user might be locked). Thanks. I use IPV4 and not IPV6. I have seen that before the problem starts, there is a shutdown of the nvr without any reason. The nvr is connected to a UPS power supply backup system. Any suggestion ?
  3. Sorry but with NVR 4104P firmware v.3.200 the password of the 26-01 does not work....
  4. I have two cameras IPC-HDW4200S (firmware 2.420) and a NVR NVR 4104P (Poe) (firmware 3.2300.VT00.0.R). Cameras are connected both to the NVR integrated poe switch. After some days (5-7) both the cameras lose the connection. In the NVR log i can read the messages "REMOTE INFO" and the cameras starts to LOGIN and LOGOUT. Any suggestion ? Could be a firmware problem ? After a software reboot of the NVR the cameras start to work properly...
  5. Someone has the last firmware for this NVR ?
  6. Goodmorning, does someone has the user manual for Dahua NVR4104 ? Which port I have to open in my router ? Thanks Andrea
  7. It's some days that I have a message "SD memory not present" even if the memory is present and the camera stopped to record. Before this the camera worked perfectly. Do you have some suggestion ? I tried to reboot the camera without successful. Do you suggest to try to remove the SD from the camera and format it ? Unfortunately my camera is not very accessible.... Thanks Andrea
  8. I can confirm that with RTSP it works much better than with TCP.., Thank very much for the help!
  9. I didn't test RTSP.... Does it work well? Better than TCP?
  10. Goodmorning, I need your help about the connection of my Dahua IPC-HBD3200C and IP Cam Viewer for Android. The connection is very slow (it takes too much to establish a connection). Do you have suggestion about the settings on IP Cam and on the Dahua ? Do you use the http connection or the TCP ? Thanks anArea (sorry for my english...I'm from Italy).
  11. I have a Dahua IPC-HDB3200c and I use Ip Cam Viewer for Android to connect from my mobile. If I connect with the Pc the connection is very fast, but with Ip Cam Viewer is very slow even if I'm connected with the wi-fi. Which setting do you use with Ip Cam Viewer ? Which bit rate do you setup on the camera ? Thanks andrea
  12. Do you know where I can download the last firmware for the Dahua IPC-HDB3200c ? Thanks Andrea