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  1. Not sure if cold played a role this morning; it was only -4F but one of my LTS CMIP 3032s dropped the network connection. It is connected to a Linksys 8 port POE, all other cams connected to this switch are working. So I took it off the house and brought it to the switch, plugged it in and the IR light came on to indicate it is booting up only there is no network connection. Each port on the linksys switch has a green light for power and blinking orange light for 10/100 active connections. All other cams have both lights but this one only has the green. I then took it off the POE and powered it with 12 VDC and plugged the cam into a non POE switch and nothing - no lights for that jack. There was power as indicated by the IR light but still no connection. This cam has a third cord with a button connected to the power/female RJ45 cords. Tried unplugging cam, pressing button, plugging cam back in and hold button for 30 seconds; still no connection and SADP Tool is not seeing it.Not sure what else to do. Anyone else out there experience this with a LTS or Hikvision?
  2. jakesoundels

    Can this be done? (cctv over ethernet cable)

    No switches needed. Each pair from the cable goes to each camera. In your case you would use one balun (from the second link I sent) at the camera and another at the DVR end. Place that same pair used at the camera into the balun at the DVR and plug it into that. Keep in mind this does split up the Cat5 so you would not be able to use it for an ethernet (RJ45) connection. In other words, since you have analog cams and Cat5 already installed you would have to use the baluns unless you run another wire (if needed for networking in the garage). But, yes, at that distance you should have no problem sending the video signal through the balun and down the Cat5. The first link is a choice if you want to add cameras later. Basically up to 4 cams will go onto single baluns, run down the Cat5 to the head unit (connect via RJ45) then use bnc jumper cables to the DVR. This is a better diagram: http://www.easterncctv.com/accessories/ev04p-vps.htm
  3. jakesoundels

    Can this be done? (cctv over ethernet cable)

    Unless I am thinking too simply here all you would need is a balun at each end. As long as you have 2 pairs (one for each camera) you will be good to go. You may have to power the cameras locally though since, it seems, you have other devices connected to the Cat5. Cat5 can support up to 4 cameras on a single run asl long as they are powered from another wire. If all you have is the two cameras the other 2 pairs on the wire can be used for power. Here are some products that may help: http://www.securitystoreusa.com/Passive-Video-Balun-p/ev04p-vps.htm This is for up to 4 cameras over one cat 5 back to the DVR http://www.securitystoreusa.com/Passive-Video-Balun-p/ev01p-vp.htm These are individual baluns that have power capability, if needed someday
  4. I have a 16 Ch 3xLogic hybrid which allows me to slowly migrate to all IP over time. I got the system in April along with 1 3xLogic MP cam and 2 Vivoteks with no problems at all. In fact the Vigil system from 3x supports a whole list of IP cams. Other posters on here will support products they have used so this is just my opinion; gather up all the information, ask questions and you will get the best equipment for your budget.
  5. I've had regular Cat5 running up the side of my house - getto fab style - from DVR to router for the last 5 years. No problems whatsoever. I put it in before knew about drip loops and more finer points of installing wire. Still going strong despite it running up the south side (full sun) side of the house.
  6. jakesoundels

    Outdoor Proofing Baluns?

    I always worry about those freak storms when the rain blows sideways - moisture is bound to get to the balun. for me, its back box or junction box all the way.
  7. jakesoundels

    PTZ Cam choice

    You are very limited by the budget. Any IR worth buying would be at least $600. Check out shockwave199's video on the Dahua PTZ - its not the cheapest thing though and that one is on the lower end but its good stuff
  8. jakesoundels

    Looking for a quality set up for home use.

    Read the thread and it seems like the set up is ok at best. I'm looking for something a little better. I would want to add cameras such as PZT cameras and I'm not sure how that would go with that costco set up. So from what I understand, there can be a good set up as far as cameras go, but if the dvr is low quality, it will make that whole system low quality? Remember, PTZ require's an operator to swing it around and zoom in. Unless someone is at the controls 24/7 it may be difficult to catch wrongdoing when it happens. For your budget it may be better to go with something like a pro line dahua and quality cameras. I use the CNB VBM 24VF and have no complaints for their use at my home. Make sure you run Cat5 so that you can upgrade to IP later. The other option is the Dahua IP cameras - there are some really good reviews on it especially from buellwinkle.
  9. Could be a corrupt file/program. What DVR are you using? Any problems on live view at the DVR?
  10. jakesoundels

    QVIS Apollo DVR Problem

    What IP are you using to access it remotely? Do you have a Static or Dynamic ip address? If dynamic did you set up a dynamic dns service? If not this topic, and how to set it up, is well covered on this forum.
  11. If you go with dyndns there are a few loop-holes to jump through for a free account: http://www.dyncommunity.com/questions/21580/from-dyn-what-happened-to-free-accounts.html
  12. jakesoundels

    KCM-5611 poor low light performance

    I'm sure that will help but, to tell you the truth, there is nothing better than motion flood lights. You don't need anything too bright - 75W would be plenty. Installing them would be cheaper as well!
  13. jakesoundels

    KCM-5611 poor low light performance

    Well, this is just a W.A.G. but I wonder if the camera is positioned too high and the IR does not make a difference. Again, I'm not sure but I bet buellwinkle will be able to weigh in.
  14. jakesoundels

    KCM-5611 poor low light performance

    I think a snapshot may help. Off the top of my head...do the IRs come on? Is so how is power at the cam when on? How are you powering it? Did you play with the shutter speed at night to see if that makes a difference? Not that I would be able to help if these questions are answered but, at least, we can get the ball rolling!
  15. jakesoundels

    Need more definition in faces

    I'd go with new cameras and DVR. In the foyer you may need a WDR (wide dynamic range) camera like the Panasonic super dynamic 3 line up or adjust another newer camera more to the left to avoid the light from the door. A good camera, with out WDR, is CNB VCM 24VF If you are looking for god budget DVRs look for Dahua - well covered on this forum. I have one and have no complaints