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    anything that typically goes bad in cameras

    Seven Steps to take photos: 1) Understand the difference between the three main types of film 2) Consider the options for your film format. 3) Look at your processing options. 4) Decide how much exposure latitude you want. 5) Decide on a film speed. 6) Decide what colors you like, and choose a film accordingly. 7) Ignore all of this article and go try some films.
  2. Thanks for sharing this..very helpful for me..
  3. The CineStar 3-Axis Camera Gimbal is designed for professional dual operator aerial cinematography. The gimbal is designed to allow unrestricted 360 degree panning to allow the camera operator complete creative control in framing and camera movement. Careful attention has been given to ensure the design is as adjustable and functional as possible. Camera technology is evolving and changing constantly and the CineStar gimbal is built to accommodate a wide range of camera options. It includes the ability to top or bottom mount the camera and can be adjusted to fit anything from a GoPro to a Red Epic.
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    Cameras and hiding wire

    Why don't you try Honeywell security cameras.They have wide range of cameras according to your requirements within reasonable price.
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    Digital ZOOM Image of poor quality

    I agree with you.
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    Hi, I am New Here

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I am also new here. CCTV is one of the modern need for people. Everybody need CCTV including police, home and security. This is a best way to secure your place. You are in this profession so you definitely have good information about CCTV. All the best for your new business.