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  1. dusan

    Poor motion detection

    hi i have good detection motion of cars from ~110ft distance on geovision gv800 sensitivity set to 9 , lens 3.5-10mm set ~5mm and have to mask 65% of image and other camera at ~80ft from street on ~150 deg wide lens 1.6mm on 1/3" cmos camera so i think that your setup is not sensitive for small pixel detection as pci computer boards like geovision at the moment i am looking for object tracking detection system , as general motion is to sensitive for lightning , shadows , rain , etc all i need is person and cars detection and not waste of hard drive space so test some low cost computer pci board like model geovision 250 and see that motion detection is exelent if you set it to 10 max detection range dusan
  2. it is free linux project base model have direct etherport 3 ic chips cmos video chip, digital processor , axis network interface chip all digital pipe no ad / conversion and some company uses a same technology so its all digital 1280 x 1024 x 30fps and any variation of resolution and fps only speed limit of digital chip processing ( 10mbpixel ccd by kodak ~3fps , or other sensors models 640x480 ~200fps ) http://www.elphel.com/ ~$1500 so yes it is all digital and you can be a part of the project and put your name on it dusan
  3. dusan

    Designing a CCTV system for cars?

    hi my thinking is system like this video , 2 way sound inside and out, 4 channel or more , flash memory record, wifi wireless 54mbit minum power 400mw , 2-4 ptz cameras , 2 -4 wide angle <90 or 1 360 omni ,2 -4 reg , etc bosch videojet 10 is good start or better Verint Nextiva s1900e and 2-4gb flash good camera is a problem so for now need to look at 2nd generation pixim chip cameras if size is no problem , if money is no object than intervac e1100 , or if on low bugget any ex sony 480 line or better bullet cam , pinhole lens , dell axim pda x51v for 640x480 res and wifi local monitoring in usa 3g sprint internet if posible for long range wireless and remote control relay electric gas pump / computer shutdown or gps position data first 1-5 min responce is most important in situation like this car temperature can get ~160 or cold -40 so test the hardware to your limit dusan
  4. dusan

    parabolic microphone

    hi bird mic is best for omny directional and simple more than one for triangulation calculation (city gunshut monitoring sytem) if need directional than pipe organ mic (RIFLE MICROPHONE Omnipotent, Incorporated) mic used is like in hearing aid ~$20 start to good low cost sound google = (roof bird sound monitoring mic) http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/kalahari/migrating.html dusan
  5. hi just get 2 vpn routers one on each end and use whatever you like like new top of line (0.05Lux) ptz d-link webcam ~$700 if you looking for low cost need to test if it works for you TW100-BRV204 dusan
  6. hi biding a job now and have same problem need long runs in 200kft warehouse on 7ac lot need cctv so this is so far i seen gig fiber sc connector to gig coper rj45 ~$160 each so can run many ip servers on end http://www.trendware.com/en/products/f_fiber-converters.htm and by "planet" ~$130 fiber to copper and that is lowest cost seen so far , fiber cabel with sc to sc connector can look at ebay for new surplus , friend just pickup 6 new 330ft rolls ~$20 each for fiber farm run looking at new acti 2400 servers i need bidirectional voice it looks all to new and untested price range ~$450 i want to order a eval unit bosch vip10 litle more cost , need to see it working dusan
  7. My mother pased away on jul -16 -2005 at ~ 15:00 cst stoke on right side of the brain in speech area she was 76 years old -2 day's born on jul-18-1929 thank you dusan
  8. dusan

    Non-Networkable Solution

    hi at the moment wifi and 3g is your best internet in usa ~$80 for 3g and wifi you make a deal with ho ever is bigest at the time more wifi spots http://www.3gamericas.org/English/index.cfm 3g is growing fast in usa and faster in a rest of the world satellite internet for upload is 1/2 of speed of good 56k modem dialup and 1-2sec delay http://www.mobileinternet.bz/ dusan
  9. hi i show you camera that starts at ~$1000 and you show me a ~$30k hdtv camera than is not same category and not used for any cctv work and non of as will install this for cctv setup any time soon this camera you have your software and manuals can make any changes or modification you want and update ccd front end from 1.3M pixel to 10M pixels this is software programable camera can set any fps rate the chipset can take from 1fps at hi res to 300fps at low res and it do not need any capture card its all direct digital this you see a future of cameras technology and this is state of the art on the low bugget dusan
  10. hi up to 10M pixel 1-3fps direct network camera and up to 200fps at low res seen this new project 333 look's impresive if you have the money to experiment , i sure like to have one to test http://www.elphel.com/ website to watch for progres of hi end cameras at low cost all runing on linux dusan
  11. dusan

    Non-Networkable Solution

    hi look at http://www.acti.com mpeg4 server's ~$240 and new sound model not out yet 2 channel ,new ~$30 mpeg4 7108 chipset http://www.wischip.com/ is out so it is going to be simple to have it all a low cost product,mpeg4 ,sound,ide ,usb ethernet exelent for multi channel mobile dvr box,or home automation intercom 1gb-16gb flash card as mobile dvr memory,only if manufactures will impliment all chipset option , and not criple it , like most products on the market (linksys router / nas network product line) dusan
  12. hi yes and that is why idiots are manufacturing new 1/6" ccd sensors so can use same lens and call a camera 27x zoom , as you go down on ccd size you loose light sensitivity and resolution dusan
  13. dusan

    Specifying a UPS

    w2k is same software as xp so apc shutdown will work fine dusan
  14. dusan

    Specifying a UPS

    hi dvr's = what model , how do they do safe shutdown serial or ethernet or usb or what , or do not need safe shutdown , just turn power off and linux cleen fs at boot time ? if its serial rs232 than you need apc rs232 serial 8 port box for each set of 8 dvr's , etc dvr's will have a client ups shutdown protocol ,what is it ? you need to provide more data on dvr's if dvr's are pc that run xp , than you ok , apc provide free shutdown software that will work on ethernet network and you can shutdown all your 253 network computer's on you subnet what is your bugget for ups ~$18k ? no so get a used one for ~$8k you need to multiply a ~2 x more battery power run time than you need , as battery age you loose ~50% cap so 2x will give you ~5 years of battery use , if not you get ~2 years and this is on real ups not on thinker toy , toy you fix in ~2 years if you lucky or put in dupster dusan
  15. hi what format (ntsc/pal/secam) and card are you using for 50fps on 1 channel video or is it multi channels combine 50fps ? regular ntsc is ~30fps pal is ~25fps install motion and tested my panasonic/eggcam/miropctv card and it works fine for direct capture at 720x480 30fps ntsc , no mysql at this time did not test big prebuffer on motion software my zm test is not workig / my eggcam card is not seen by zm application , mysql is setup ok , prebuffer is set ~135mb for zm i need diffrent card , so will try my gv800 if zm / bttv can see it my linux is mandriva 10.2 2005 Le ,or i can test with my axis ip server all this linux apps are universal can use card or ip server only is pain to setup with hardware i test (eggcam 848a chip card) motion works fine with eggcam card and bttv driver and same card and bttv driver not on zm software ,zm is not supporting mpeg4 yet work in progress go see motion irc and look at zm forum and ask if it can work for your application , new version for mandriva of zm is coming out so set one linux box and 1 channel card and run some test , it is only magnetism you can change it back dusan