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  1. Hi, you can forget about Kodicom's working with mobile PDA etc..with Diginet. I had the same thing myself with a 16 channel dvr. It is not stable constantly disconnects. For more info you can try www.kodicom.ro but they will tell you the same unless a new software version has been released until now.
  2. bigjohnIT2

    Problem with 8ch BT878 Card - black lines

    It is probably the video codec. Video card chipset is not fully compatible with the Kodicom card. Try to get an update from the manufacturer or use support sites or google it .
  3. Kodicom cards work best with ATI Radeon video cards, the older versions (7000,9000 series). It is not recommended to have an integrated video card, try to get a separate one even an used one from ebay or.., hope it helps.