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  1. Thank you for advice I will look into that first on next installation since I already finished. Okay, I finished installation and got 90% working. REX motion or REX button releases mag lock and I'm able to open the both doors. But I get "forced open event" when I only open left side of door and of course I get beeps on prox reader. It works fine on right side door. Please I need advice to solve this issue. Thank you.
  2. Okay, Everything is here and ready to install. So far what I have figured it out. Connect Door sensor to Axis panel. Connect Prox Reader to Axis panel. Connect Motion REX to Axis panel. Connect Ethernet to Axis panel. Connect 24vdc to Axis panel using power supply with battery. Connect 24vdc power from power supply to Mag loc. Connect C, NC relay from power supply to Axis panel to control maglock. Connect Exit button between maglock and power supply. It seems like motion REX and maglock have connection where you connect door sensor but I just connected to Axis panel. Also, for door contact I connected parallel to door contact that was already installed for alarm. Is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong?
  3. No, It does not have center post.
  4. Thank you for the information. What kind of lock do you recommend instead of mag lock? Can you use electric strike on double door?
  5. Okay, Door contact as well. I decided to try out Axis A1001 system. This unit will be installed at main front double door(metal). There will be one prox reader outside, door contacts, exit button with timer, rex motion, and 1,200lbs double door mag lock. Q1. This door already have two door contacts for alarm system. Do I need to install two more door contact for access control? Q2. If I use PoE injector with this system, If there is power outage, door will be left open. Should I use UPS or dedicated power supply with battery? Q3. Being this door is main entrance exterior door, Do I need fail secure locks instead of mag lock? if so, whats my option? Q4. Do I need rex motion and exit button same time? Should I only use exit button? or rex motion only? I really appreciate your advices, hopefully I learn more about access control system.
  6. Hello, This will be my first access control installation. I will be installing one double door mag lock, one prox reader, one exit button and one rex pir. One of my distributor recommend me "ZKAccess C3 kit", it is IP based. Anyone have experience with this product? Any recommendation and advice will help. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I was wondering what is the maximum distance for 24vac and 12vdc on 18/2 siamese cable. I will be connecting 2mp hd-sdi IR dome camera with maximum .7amp(IR on) for distance about 350ft. I will be using hd-sdi repeater, so video distance is not a problem. I have to decide if I want to put power supply on local site where 350ft cameras are or go home run from DVR location. I appreciate your advices.
  8. xodid2

    HDCVI video

    Quick Question: Using HD-SDI signal, I was told I have to use rg59 or rg6 with full copper. Is "full copper coax cable" meaning full copper conductor and full copper braid as well? or Can I use full copper conductor with cca braid? https://www.honeywellcable.com/CatalogDocuments/RG59-BC-Shield-vs-CCA-Shield.pdf I have been using Honeywell 6508 cables(full copper conductor/cca braid).
  9. xodid2

    Residential Townhouse Install

    Hello, Q: Where/How do you wire the cat5e to basement? I never installed at residential, so I don't have any idea where/how to route the wires. Thank you. BTW, nice and clean installation!